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One of the main facilities provided at GIG is the Fire & Life safety division. Certified by the A+ level of the Civil Defense Authority, we offer a wealth of 38+ years of experience in the area of fire safety. Our team of engineers has ample experience in working in various fields on diverse projects. NFPA CFPS (National Fire Protection Association - Certified Fire Protection Specialist) is also certified by some members of our architecture, estimation and projects team. In addition to our active fire prevention goods and services available, we also sell a variety of passive fire protection products focused on compartmentation, managing the spread of smoke and flames/heat; The range of items for curtain wall and facade perimeters extends from MEP operation penetration to fire stop.

What sets us apart, is our strong strategic collaboration with multiple international solution providers. Thus, we are able to not only design, but to provide a cost effective solution to supply, apply & commission the systems. Ensuring that our customers are provided with quality approved materials, that are designed and installed in compliance with international NFPA standards, as well as the authorities having jurisdiction.



Emergency & Exit Lights

Emergency & Exit Lights





Passive Solutions

Passive Solutions

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair Services

Fire Alarm

A fire fighting system consists of multiple components, and a fire alarm is an integral component of the whole system. These alarms are responsible for alerting everyone about fire, smoke, or monoxide in the area using visual and audio signals. Fire alarms notify the inhabitants about a fire, and most of these alarms incorporate loud sirens or bells as a warning signal. However, some advanced fire alarms may offer additional alerts like voice messages directing people to the nearest exit.

Fire Hose Reel

The fire hydrant and fire hose reel are the most critical fire defense techniques. This equipment is used as a first attack whenever a fire starts to get out of control. Calculated usage of this equipment can minimize damage and save lives. The modern fire fighting equipment consists of fire alarms, sprinklers, and other integral equipment. All of these are essential to prevent the fire from starting and alerting the inhabitants. However, equipment such as fire hydrants and fire hose reels are the first line of defense.

Fire Sprinkler System

Fire protection is a priority for everyone. Wherever you stay or work, you need to be sure about the fire protection system to feel secure and safe. The fire protection systems must work optimally to minimize damage and casualties. A fire fighting system can be a significant advantage in the face of a threat and allow you to protect valuable inventories, records, and assets.

Fire System Maintenance

Maintaining a fire protection system is as crucial as installation. A fire fighting system consists of various elements like a fire sprinkler system, hoses reels, fire alarms, etc., and you need proper fire system maintenance for it. Regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of the system and keep you prepared for emergencies as well. However, managing and maintaining your fire fighting system can be time-consuming. Thus, taking professional help will save valuable time but will also ensure expert servicing and maintenance.

Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers

Every residential and commercial building, no matter how safe, is prone to the hazard of fire. That is why the governing bodies impose rules, codes, and regulations to ensure minimum damage during emergencies. Installation of fire extinguishers is one such rule. However, your work does not end with installation. For maximum protection, you should also focus on the regular maintenance of fire extinguishers.

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