Fire Hose Reel


Fire Hose Reel in East Africa

The fire hose reel is an essential component when it comes to fighting equipment. General International is an African company that deals with top-of-the-line fire fighting and fire protection products and devices. If you're someone who is looking for a one-stop solution to safeguard your home or your office space from any fire accident, General International should be your go-to destination.

With a team of experienced mechanical engineers, technicians, and service providers, General International has been the most reliable fire solution company in Kenya. They have been moving forward at a lightning speed with only one aim, providing top-quality products and devices at the most reasonable prices.

What's even better?

If you purchase your firefighting and fire protection devices from us, we provide quarterly maintenance and repair. You need not worry about the condition and working of your fire system once you buy from us! Our products stand the test of time and can be your aid in case of a fire emergency. What makes us stand out is the fact that we prioritize customer satisfaction before our business. Our customer service team is also available round the clock so that you're never alone during an emergency!

One of our bestselling products is a fire hose reel. Let's take a detailed look at the best fire hose reel in East Africa before you invest in it!

Fire Hose Reel

When you look at essential pieces in a firefighter's tool kit, a fire hose reel is a piece of mandatory equipment. It is a crucial component because it helps a firefighter take prompt actions and help water reach places where it might be strenuous to reach. A fire hose reel helps you with fire accidents due to materials like paper, cotton, plastic, or rubber. It is strictly prohibited to use a fire hose reel in case of electrical fires. Water is a good conductor of electricity, and it might lead to greater damage or even electrocution of the firefighter!

The purpose of using a hose reel is to provide adequate water supply to the areas that are hard to access due to flames and smoke. The hose reel is long, made with a superior quality tube that has been connected to a huge reservoir tank to ensure a limitless supply of water. There is also a valve that can be switched on or off according to the requirements of the firefighters. Finally, there is a nozzle attached to the end of the pipe. This nozzle allows the operator to control the speed of the water or change the direction of flow.

Fire Hose Reel Maintenance

Like any other fire fighting device, even the hose reels need regular maintenance and cleaning. These devices come in handy in emergencies, and using the same hose without proper care can lead to periodic damage to parts of the hose. That can lead to equipment breakdown, thus creating a difficult situation during an emergency.

To safely avoid this and provide longevity to your fire hose reels, it should be inspected and repaired once every six months. The inspection will reveal if the fire hose has defects, if the tubes are free from damage and if the nozzle is under complete control of the operator. Whatever damage or subtle problems are noticed during an inspection are tender too and repaired immediately.

A fire hose reel in East Africa is a firefighting device committed to saving lives and property. The hose must be in the best condition during an emergency. Regular repair and care would ensure that firefighters can work promptly as well as safely to their fullest!