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The water treatment department came into existence as a realization for the need to provide useful and tailor-made water treatment solutions in a region where there is a shortage of supply, at a time when demand for sustainable and recycling solutions was increasing. We have been successfully supplying chemicals for both the domestic and industrial sector. Our network empowered us to expand our product offering in the water treatment sector and include solutions to provide fresh water and treat various effluent & wastewater types for specific applications. The portable water solutions have been a massive success with our clients, specifically in the African region. At GIG, our focus is to create solutions that optimize production, minimize water pollution and maximize water conservation.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Every family enjoys the pool in summer. Lying in water or splashing with friends is a favorite summer activity. However, keeping the pool water clean is essential to keep the infections at bay. Thus, regular swimming pool maintenance is mandatory if you want to enjoy your sunny days in the water. Maintaining a pool involves a lot of work, and for best results, you should contact someone having both the expertise and the experience. At GIG, we have been assisting our clients' in swimming pool maintenance for years.

RO Plant Maintenance

RO plants provide us with safe and clean drinking water. Their high-tech system offers better purification and ensures the water is clean. However, similar to other systems, the RO system also requires regular service. Thus, RO plant maintenance is essential for a functioning system. Since the RO plant has several different components and systems, maintaining it requires professionals. At GIG, we have years of experience in inspecting and servicing RO plants.

Water Saving Solutions

Water is a vital resource in our daily life, but this resource is also non-renewable. Thus, preservation is an essential step to ensure there is no scarcity of water. We are all responsible for keeping the environment safe, and managing resources is the first step toward that goal. That is why we at GIG take every precaution to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part in saving the world. We also give you a chance to contribute to this quest by switching to water saving solutions. We offer the latest technology that allows you to reduce and manage your water usage.

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water is a precious resource, and it is a critical commodity to the gulf regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Water treatment chemicals aid in desalination and make the groundwater safe for drinking. Water treatment plants use chemicals to eliminate the impurities and add ample nutrients to the water, making it suitable for drinking. Since these chemicals are essential in water treatment, you should get yours from a trusted source. We at GIG provide a range of water treatment chemicals that are crucial for the water treatment process. Usage of the appropriate water treatment chemicals will prevent your water treatment system from decaying and provide it with a long life.

Water Treatment Plant

Water supplied to households goes through a range of treatments before it is deemed safe for consumption. A water treatment plant is an indispensable component for the purification and disinfection of the water. Since water contains many impurities ranging from sand, ions, and coarse particles, it is not fit for consumption without purification. Governments all over the world have established a code that regulates the quality of water. Thus, purification and disinfection processes are mandatory before supplying water to households. Getting rid of impurities from water is called treatment, and this process takes place in a water treatment plant.

Waste Water Treatment

Water is a precious commodity, especially in the UAE. Since this resource takes time to replenish, we should keep our water usage and wastage to a minimum. Water once used does not become a total waste; it is reusable. Wastewater refers to the water that has been used once. It can be domestic wastewater, agricultural wastewater, industrial discharge, etc. Wastewater from all different channels goes through treatment as it contains chemicals and has varying properties. With wastewater treatment, the used potable water can be treated and supplied as fresh and clean water.

Water Filtration & Purification Systems

Everyone in the world has the right to clean and safe drinking water. Groundwater is not a viable option for consumption. It goes through several channels of purification and filtration before it reaches your household. At GIG, we offer a wide range of water filtration & purification systems for any water treatment plant. Our equipment is designed with the latest technology and allows better filtration and purification. With these systems, you can remove contaminants and biotic components from the water, making it safe to consume.

Potable Water Purification

Drinking water only constitutes 2.7% of Earth's water resources. Thus, experts need to purify groundwater and desalinate it to meet the growing need of the world. The water treatment requires a range of potable water purification systems. These systems eliminate all the impurities and contaminants from water to make it safe for drinking. A wide range of processes occur in water treatment, and every step requires some specific equipment to ensure the highest level of purity.

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1. What are the types of water treatment?

Several types of water treatments in East Africa exist. They help purify dirty water easily and make it potable. Reverse osmosis, physical sedimentation, ultraviolet exposure, and ultrafiltration are some of the major types of water treatment.

2. What is water treatment?

Water treatment in East Africa is a process through which dirty and contaminated water is purified through a series of steps. The resultant water has no germs or dissolved heavy metals. Therefore, it is suitable for consumption.

3. What are the benefits of water treatment?

With appropriate water treatment in East Africa, the polluted water can be converted into drinking water with reduced health hazards and long-term impacts like mercury or lead poisoning.

4. Which water treatment plant is best for water treatment?

There are several plants, but General International is the best place for water treatment in East Africa, owing to its modern equipment units, results-driven strategies, and world-class infrastructure it is the best option for any water treatment needs.