CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

CCTV systems are an ideal surveillance solution that lets you monitor the premises right from your desk. These systems allow the users to take protective security measures and minimize potential threats. A CCTV system consists of cameras, monitors, and video recorders. Together this equipment helps the user to monitor, record, and even analyze everything that happens around. Through CCTV camera installation, you can take proactive security measures, and help uncover the truth after any incident. Surveillance around and outside of the office will capture every activity that happens nearby and keeps your inventory, assets, and other valuable items protected from threats.

To ensure the best picture quality and the farthest reach, you should get your CCTV systems from a reliable partner. We at GIG offer the most updated equipment and the quickest installation. We are a SIRA registered company and have SIRA certified staff. All our equipment is built with the highest quality materials and integrates the latest technology. We offer our comprehensive CCTV systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for both commercial and residential purposes. We have served many clients from educational facilities, restaurants, hotels, banking systems to film studios, private buildings, and corporate workspaces. Our units will help you protect your organization and make your premises more secure. You can choose from a variety of CCTV systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we have to offer. From design to technology, you can choose every component according to your specific needs, and our professional technicians will install it at your site in no time. You will get the following units with our CCTV systems:

Surveillance Cameras

The security cameras capture footage in and around the building. You can choose from our range of cameras. To provide an extensive range, we have three major types of security cameras. Thus, depending on your needs, you can choose from:

  • Analog cameras

Analog cameras serve all the crucial functions and let the user store video on site. These cameras have been used for a long time and are trusted by our clients.

  • Wireless Security Cameras

This camera uses a cable to transmit the footage to a display unit. To enhance the transmission, we offer appropriate networking cables, switches, and signal boosters. You can connect several cameras to your display unit and create a CCTV system.  

  • IP cameras

These cameras perform the same functions as an analog camera, but they are more capable, which makes them a superior choice. If you install an IP camera, you will get a sharper and high-resolution picture. IP cameras also offer flexible features such as repositioning and remote zoom. Thus, if you are looking for a high-quality camera that will allow you to view footage on a web browser, IP cameras will be an ideal choice.

Video Recorders

If you are looking for ways to record the footage captured by a security camera, you will need a video recorder. At GIG, we offer a range of video resources that come with your CCTV systems and allow you to save footage to view later.

However, this will take extra space, and you will need external hard drives or other storage systems to save the footage recorded by your cameras. Hard disks are the most common choice when a user wants to save security footage. At GIG, we offer a range of quality hard disks that can be installed in your system and save your security footage for later. If your hard disk is running low on space, you can update the storage by purchasing a bigger hard disk in the future.

Display Unit

The final component of our CCTV systems is the display units. It provides live security footage from the security cameras. We offer a range of display units for your needs and as per Authority Regulations). With our CCTV System, you can even view the footage on your mobile phone.

CCTV Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi | General International

CCTV systems are an integral solution to maximize protection. From commercial buildings to residential sites, people use CCTV systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi everywhere. With our range of options and SIRA Certified staff, you can have a perfect solution to the surveillance system which shall comply with the latest SIRA. If you have any questions or queries regarding our products, you can contact our experts at sales@generalintlgroup.com and call at +971 56 177 7276.

Tips for choosing a company for CCTV camera installation in Dubai

With so many companies offering services for CCTV camera installation in Dubai, it is pretty difficult to find the best one for your purpose. Plus, ending up with the wrong company can either reduce the lifetime of the cameras or put your safety at risk. That's why you must weigh down the options and decide which company you should collaborate with.

Following are some tips to help you find the best company for installing CCTV cameras.

  1. Always check if the company you have chosen is experienced or not. It needs at least two to three years of experience as an active working and installation service provider.
  2. Choose a reputed company because you will get enough references from past reviews and feedback about the service quality, pricing, post-installation support, etc.
  3. Check the services being offered other than CCTV camera installation in Dubai.