Fire System Supplier

Fire System Supplier in East Africa

Fire can cause massive havoc, including extensive damage to the life and property of several people. Understandably, a fire accident cannot be predicted. However, we can prepare ourselves for any sort of emergency. We can equip our homes, offices, or factories with devices that can detect a fire emergency and extinguish it efficiently before it turns into a raging burst of flames!

There are several types of equipment available in the market that you might want to install. If you're looking for top-notch fire safety products around Kenya or other African countries, you might come across several brands. However, we would suggest looking into General International.

General International is an Africa-based company that deals with the manufacture, supply as well as maintenance of high-quality fire fighting and fire safety devices such as fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire control panels, hose reels, etc.

We aim to become the most reliable fire-fighting equipment and supplies company coupled with our business mantra of customer satisfaction. Our expert team of professionals who have dedicated themselves to producing revolutionary devices that safeguard you and your loved ones make us one of the top choices of most residents of Kenya and other parts of Africa. Without a doubt, we are the biggest name when it comes to fire system suppliers in East Africa.

What Products Do We Offer?

At General International, you will find a wide array of fire safety products that you can choose from. Some of them are as follows:

  • Fire Alarms

General International deals with a high-quality fire alarm system that keeps you safe and secure during a fire emergency. We deal with fire alarms of all sorts, ranging from sirens, bells, horns, etc. We also have visual fire alarms for individuals with hearing loss. We care about everyone, irrespective of your problems, and we alert one and all during a fire emergency.

  • Fire Extinguishers

We also deal with fire extinguishers to fight flames while the fire brigade is on its way! Small fire extinguishers help prevent a fire from spreading, thus keeping the situation under control until help arrives.

  • Fire Detectors

We deal with all kinds of fire detectors, including smoke detectors, flame detectors, or heat detectors. Our products are high quality and efficient. Each fire detector has a set trigger system attached to itself. When a particular trigger element (for instance, smoke, flame, or heat) is detected by the sensor more than a predetermined value, the detectors activate the fire alarm, thus alerting the occupants of the building.

  • Fire-Water Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems are control devices that prevent the fire from spreading. Unlike fire extinguishers, these sprinklers are connected to the main fire security circuit and are activated automatically. After the fire control panel monitors and defects the location from where the fire is spreading, sprinkles in that region get activated. They sprinkle water into the affected area, playing a major role in fire extinguishing.

Why Do You Need Fire Life Safety Devices?

A massive fire outbreak can be severely life-threatening. Not only that, within a matter of seconds, fire can burn down your residency or business space, turning it to ashes.

While we can't predict a fire accident, we can surely take calculated steps to keep it under control and prevent it from causing maximum damage. That is where fire life safety devices come in. Once you've installed them, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be protected and safe.

So why wait?

Get proper fire safety devices from the top fire system supplier in East Africa, General International. Contact us to know more about our products and get customized quotes on the item of your choice! Hurry!