Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Access control systems have become an integral tool to improve security. These advanced systems allow you to integrate sophisticated security measures into your workplace.

At GIG, we offer the most high-tech access control systems that help to control your network. Our solutions can easily authenticate and authorize entry and exit, allowing only the permitted individuals in the vicinity. These systems offer complete control to the user and ensure maximum security on the premises. Some of our access control systems can also be used as a network to streamline your communication channels and prevent the wastage of precious time associated with long communication chains.

The primary role of our access control system is to improve the security of a premise. These systems lock the door, and only authorized people are allowed to enter the premises. Our access control systems come with a variety of technologies. You can control the entry using RFID tags, biometrics, pins, etc. Our access control systems enhance the security in workspaces, offices, government authorities, etc. We offer every technology from card readers to biometrics. With our systems, you can create a private area in your office for authorized personnel. Our access control systems will keep everyone out, allowing you to maintain and control your space. We offer many services/products to our clients, and you can select from our wide range of products according to your requirements. Some of our most notable access control systems include:

Biometric Access Control Systems

Our biometric system acts as a time attendance system. The individuals place their fingers on the system, and it records the data through its access software. This system offers more confidentiality and higher security. Thus, it is best for areas that need maximum protection. The system only permits entry to individuals whose fingerprints are stored in the system. Anyone not in the system will not be able to open the door and get inside.  

Proximity Access Control Systems

The proximity access control system also offers increased confidentiality and security. These systems are efficient in factories, offices, and banks. People can open the door using a physical card, token, etc. This card is placed on the system, and the door unlocks. Companies can print out these cards for employees, and anyone who does not have a card will not be allowed in. It is known as a Proximity access control system because of the need to put the card on the system.

Door Access Control Systems

The door access control system is a simple and easy-to-use tool. It is used on the door and is only accessible by a key from the administrator. Thus, the admin can open the door right from his system. This system works best in server rooms, airports, data centers, offices, etc. Sometimes these devices are linked, opening one gate will open a series of gates. However, the choice depends upon the installer. These systems allow added security in the workplace without raising the cost of operation. Door access systems are considered the most cost-effective security measure among all the other options.  

Security Access Control Systems

These systems are suitable for both offices and at home. We can customize the home security system to meet the specific demands of our clients. In addition to access control systems, you can also integrate burglar alarms, smoke detection alarms, and so much more to make your home more secure and safe. Our security access system consists of several sensors that are scattered around the house. These sensors link to a central control unit, which lets you send a distress signal or make a call in case of emergencies. Clients can also choose from our monitoring range, which will monitor the premise and trigger an alarm in case of intrusion.

Access Control Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi | General International Group

Our access control systems offer maximum security and threat protection. Best for offices, factories, public places, and even residential properties, our systems secure premises for years. With our systems, you can control who can get in and even get an alert if any unauthorized person tries to get into the restricted zone. Buy from the wide range of products, or contact our experts to discuss your specific needs at +971 2 666 3316.