Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Water is a precious resource, and it is a critical commodity to the gulf regions like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Water treatment chemicals aid in desalination and make the groundwater safe for drinking. Water treatment plants use chemicals to eliminate the impurities and add ample nutrients to the water, making it suitable for drinking. Since these chemicals are essential in water treatment, you should get yours from a trusted source. We at GIG provide a range of water treatment chemicals that are crucial for the water treatment process. Usage of the appropriate water treatment chemicals will prevent your water treatment system from decaying and provide it with a long life.

We are well-known for our water filtration systems and water treatment plant maintenance. In addition to all these services, we also provide accurate water treatment chemicals. With our chemicals, you can continue with the treatment process seamlessly. Since water is handy in both chillers and heaters, you need to make sure that you add accurate chemicals during purification. These chemicals are supplied to all major water treatment plants to ensure safe and clean drinking water. We supply chemicals for cooling water systems, steam boilers, closed circuits, and cooling towers, and much more.

You can get suitable water treatment chemicals for both chilled and boiling water. At GIG, we understand your specific requirements and offer solutions that will focus on your unique needs. Our solutions will assist you in bringing down your operational costs. With the right water treatment chemicals, your system will stay in good shape in the long run, which will directly reduce your maintenance cost. Thus, using our solutions will benefit your systems’ lifespan and also reduce the cost associated with it. At GIG, we supply a range of water treatment chemicals, and some of the most notable ones are:

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Since boilers are pressurized systems that burn combustible fuel, you should use the correct water treatment chemicals to ensure proper functioning. Boilers either use electricity to heat water or use the hot water itself. These boilers turn the hot water into steam and supply it around the building. We understand the preventative maintenance program of every type of boiler and supply the accurate chemicals that will allow them to function their best. Our chemicals will prevent system failure, increase the boiler’s efficiency and save the maintenance cost as well.

Chemicals For Chilled Water Treatment

Water is circulated through the building to chilled water coils within an air conditioner. This technology is integrated into every AC to supply cool air throughout the building. Since water is a primary element in this system, it needs to be of preferred quality. We supply the best water treatment chemicals for chilled water that will keep your units safe and allow them to function their best. Our chemicals are corrosion-free and ensure the elimination of water impurities for a better lifespan.  

Water Treatment Chemicals Polyelectrolytes

Potable water or drinking water goes through a series of treatments before it is supplied in residential or commercial properties. Water goes through the stages of filtration, purification, and disinfection before it is deemed fit for drinking. Several regulations are in place to ensure water treatment plants practice these measures before supplying them to homes and offices. During the treatment, water treatment chemicals are added to the treatment units for extra purification and disinfection. These chemicals eliminate the impurities in water and make it safe for consumption. We supply a range of chemicals that are used in the water treatment process. These chemicals increase the efficiency of modules and provide extended benefits by protecting them from corrosion and several other issues.

Water Treatment Chemicals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi | General International Group

Water treatment chemicals are essential for systems. These chemicals allow the system to operate efficiently and prevent it from breaking down. Adding the needed chemicals help in extending the life of your water system. The benefits will also reflect in your operational and maintenance costs. 

These chemicals simplify disinfection and purification and keep the system from failing under a heavy workload. At GIG, you can get the best water treatment chemicals, along with the assistance of our qualified staff. Our team can assess your system and recommend the best chemicals accordingly. Our solution will ensure maximum efficiency and assist you in streamlining your treatment process as well. Browse through our range of water treatment chemicals, or you can also get in touch with our experts to discuss your specific needs with them at info@generalintlgroup.com.