Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems in East Africa

Access control systems have become a mandatory addition to every household these days. Keeping the modern era and technology in mind, most people have replaced the manual lock-and-key system with electronic ones. Upgrading to a modern-day access control system is needed because they are more reliable, safe, and almost impossible to dismember.

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Let us look at some of the access control devices that you could purchase from us!

● The password-based keypad at the door

Password-based keypads are one of the devices that help you regulate access to who can enter your residential or commercial space. Password-protected doors have a circuit system. Once the person presses the buzzer, you get to see who is at your door through a small video screen connected to a camera located outside, facing your door. Once you have recognized the person, you press a button that unlocks the door, letting them in. In this way, you are in control of who you let into the house.

● Magnetic swipe card-based locks

We are pretty sure you have come across this form of the access control system in hotels, right?

The purpose of a magnetic key card is to provide safe and secure access to a particular area of a room or to restrict any unwanted entry into the space.

The cards for these locks contain a sensor that is specific to the room, just like a key is specific to a lock. Once you've swiped your card through the magnetic card reader, it grants you access to that room.

●  Security Token or Key sensors

Security tokens are touchless access control systems that provide or restrict access to a particular space or object. To be granted access you will have to provide authentication of data that will be verified. On verification of the data, you will either be GIVEN or denied access. It's highly secure and nearly impossible for hackers to break through. That is why such devices have become widely popular in the African market, providing complete security to the owners of these access control systems.

● Biometric access

One of the newest yet most widely used systems of access control in the last few years have been biometric access control systems. In this method, an individual's biometric record such as their fingerprint, iris scanning, etc. Once the unique details are registered into the system, you will get access to scanning your fingerprint or iris. Anyone whose biometrics have not been registered to the system will not get access.