Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Fire protection is a priority for everyone. Wherever you stay or work, you need to be sure about the fire protection system to feel secure and safe. The fire protection systems must work optimally to minimize damage and casualties. A fire fighting system can be a significant advantage in the face of a threat and allow you to protect valuable inventories, records, and assets.

A fire protection and fighting system enables you to identify and reduce the risk of fire. To ensure maximum protection, you should install a fire protection system that comes with a fire sprinkler system, fire alarms, hose reels, etc.

Since the safety system consists of both electrical and mechanical components, you should choose a partner that can ensure proper installation. Here, at GIG, we offer fire fighting systems that detect the early signs of fire and allow you to contain it until professional help arrives. Our fire protection system can guide the inhabitants to safety and ensure the building is free from residents to avoid any casualties. Our fire sprinkler system uses the latest technology and high-quality materials to detect fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide early and trigger the protection to minimize damage.

We offer a range of fire sprinkler systems for you. You can choose from our extensive collection and get an ideal fire sprinkler system for your needs. We understand that every client has a unique requirement, and they need a customized fire sprinkler system for their site. Our experts will understand your specific needs and offer personalized solutions for your needs.

Whether you are looking for a fire protection system for residential or commercial needs, our trained professionals can help you in making the best choice. While installing, we will review the site and offer suggestions on the optimum placement of sprinklers. Our expert opinion will also ensure the best position for your sprinklers that will be effective in an emergency. You can choose from the following fire sprinkler system:

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System

These sprinkler systems use pressurized air in the pipe so the air exits before the water escapes. This type of sprinkler system is ideal for buildings that have a low temperature. In these conditions, the pipes will not freeze. The dry pipe fire sprinkler system comes with a fast opening tool that helps get rid of the air and speeds up the water flow. If you are looking for the best sprinkler system for your building located in the north, a dry pipe system will be an ideal solution for you.

Pre-action Fire Sprinkler System

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems are similar to dry pipe systems. These systems are filled with air and water, allowing them to pass through when the smoke detector is triggered. This system usually requires two triggers to start the water flow. It prevents the fire system from getting triggered in case of a false alarm or a mechanical failure. Since these sprinklers initiate in case of a fire, they will ensure zero asset damage due to accidental sprinkling. The pre-action fire sprinkler system is an ideal choice for data centers and libraries.

Deluge Fire Sprinkler System

A deluge fire sprinkler system requires a smoke or heat detector similar to a pre-action system. A deluge system has open nozzles and operates in hazardous situations. These systems work ideally when flammable liquids are spilled across the floor. The deluge system is also a perfect fit in industrial parks and buildings with several tanks.

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler System

The wet pipe fire sprinkler system is different from the above three systems. These systems have a constant water supply and are the most common fire systems installed in buildings. Having a consistent water supply allows them to react quickly and reduces the chance of damage. Wet pipe sprinkler systems are installed in corporate buildings and are a cost-effective fire protection system.

Fire Sprinkler systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

At GIG, we offer the highest quality fire sprinkler system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to all our clients. With our qualified experts and technicians, you get the quickest installation and optimum placement. Our team consists of well-trained staff members and experienced supervisors who will help you in every case. You can have a look at our website to browse our collection of fire sprinkler systems and other fire fighting equipment, or you can get in touch with our team at info@generalintlgroup.com.