Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A fire fighting system consists of multiple components, and a fire alarm is an integral component of the whole system. These alarms are responsible for alerting everyone about fire, smoke, or monoxide in the area using visual and audio signals. Fire alarms notify the inhabitants about a fire, and most of these alarms incorporate loud sirens or bells as a warning signal. However, some advanced fire alarms may offer additional alerts like voice messages directing people to the nearest exit.

The fire alarm primarily uses the main electricity supply running in the building but can switch to a secondary power source. The secondary power source can range from alarm batteries or generators in case of a power failure. Thus, getting the latest fire alarm is of utmost importance to prevent the worst-case scenario.

At GIG, we offer the best fire alarms in the market. Unlike other fire alarms, you will not need technical skills to change the batteries. Our fire alarms come with long-lasting batteries that are easy to change and require minimum technical skills.

We offer quick installation in both residential and commercial properties and ensure the fire alarms are placed optimally on the premises. All of our fire fighting equipment are developed as per the government guidelines. Thus, you will have access to the latest and most reliable fire prevention system at your place. Our devices and systems are carefully mounted, which makes the detection quicker. Each device can detect the fire and alert the people in time to avoid any catastrophe. We not only offer the most reliable systems and quickest installation, but you also get timely maintenance from our qualified technicians. If you face any issues with our system, feel free to contact us, and our expert technicians will be at your site in under 24 hours.  

Having a systemized fire protection system is essential. Fire alarm serves as an integral part of the system. You can have many benefits by choosing our fire alarms and fire prevention systems, and some of the most notable ones are:

Better Design And Quicker Installation

One of the most crucial factors that drive the decision is design and installation, and we offer both. All our fire alarms integrate the latest design and technology. Our fire alarm system is perfect for early detection to avoid any significant damage. Having the most advanced and latest fire alarm system also gives us an edge in installation. Our qualified technicians can get all the pieces installed and working in no time. Since the design is sleek, it is easier to install and maintain as well. At GIG, you not only get a fire protection system but expert guidance and support as well.

Optimum Placement According To The Layout

Our mission at GIG is to offer complete support to all our clients. Placement of fire alarms is integral to ensure proper working. Our alarms detect fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide without any hassle. However, they will only work best when they are placed optimally. Every building has a unique layout, and our support staff will help you place the fire alarms according to your structure. Doing this will ensure that even the most isolated corners have a working fire alarm that alerts the inhabitants everywhere. The optimum placement will put your mind to rest and help you focus on other essential areas without worrying about hazardous events.

Testing And Maintenance

Not all fire alarm companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer testing and maintenance, but here at GIG, we ensure the system is working accurately after installation. Thus, once we have understood the layout and mounted the fire alarms optimally, we will take time to test the system. That will ensure that installation was done accurately and all the components of a fire prevention system are functioning accurately. Our relationship does not end after the installation of a fire alarm, you can contact us anytime you face issues or want to upgrade your system. Our professional team will be at your doorstep in time and upgrade your system according to your specified needs.

We have years of experience in manufacturing and installing fire alarm and fire prevention systems. Many of our clients have entrusted us over the years. Our fire fighting systems are tailor-made according to the clients and efficient in preventing any damage. You can have a look at our latest collection of fire fighting systems or contact our experts at info@generalintlgroup.com.