MEP Maintenance

MEP Maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

An MEP or Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing structure requires regular maintenance to function seamlessly. This system is an integral part and directly controls our utility needs.

At GIG, we offer the best MEP maintenance packages. Our qualified experts can inspect and service all components to find any minor or major faults. With our MEP maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi packages, you get extended life and better results.

Regular maintenance will enable you to indicate issues in the early stages and fix them. It will increase the integrity of your system and ensure all the components are working without any defects.

Our experts utilize professional experience along with the high-tech equipment we offer. It allows us to inspect every component of the system and restore it to its best condition. Our service ensures both preventative and corrective measures. With our MEP maintenance packages, system failure is not an option, and you will also save the cost of repairs and replacement in the future. Since regular maintenance highlights even the most minuscule issues, the components can be repaired well in time, ensuring minimum damage.

At GIG, we offer tailored maintenance services depending on the size and requirements of our clients. Thus, you will receive customized maintenance of your system. Our MEP maintenance packages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include the following services.

Mechanical Service

Every mechanical component requires several inspections, checks, and services to ensure proper functioning. This is what you will get when you choose our MEP maintenance packages in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We will isolate the components of your mechanical system and inspect them one at a time. All the modules will receive accurate servicing to ensure the proper functioning of your system.

Electrical Service

Since electrical systems are responsible for running all assets in your building, you need to ensure they function in top shape. Obsolete systems and incorrect wiring are a significant security threat. Thus, you need a professional to inspect and manage your electricity system accurately. At GIG, we offer the most qualified team of technicians. They can inspect your electrical system and check for issues like obsolete components, overload, weakened systems, etc. With their help, you can mitigate the risk of electrical failure and thereby improve the security of the premises. Our service includes maintenance of boards, lighting panels, verifying power distribution, setting up transfer channels for critical functions, and a lot more. Our experts will help you make your electrical system like new and keep the hazards at bay.

Plumbing and Water System Service

We also offer high-quality and reliable water service to our clients. Water should spread evenly amongst all faucets, and our team of experts can help you achieve that. Our MEP maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi includes thorough maintenance of all plumbing and water systems. We will check everything from water pressure to flow rates to ensure the water distribution among all units is even. Our regular maintenance can pinpoint the leaks allowing us to fix them at the earliest and reduce significant water wastage. In addition to assisting you with external water system management, our team can help you with internal plumbing as well. Our comprehensive MEP maintenance services include inspecting and servicing your internal plumbing systems to ensure they perform optimally.

At General International Group, we offer the best MEP maintenance services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to ensure the proper functioning of all your MEP systems. We keep all safety and environmental measures in mind while performing services. That allows us to give you the best service without compromising anything. You can book our maintenance services and schedule the visit according to your availability. Our experts are highly trained and qualified, and they ensure the work is done in minimum time and with maximum precision. Choose, or get in touch with our experts to discuss your requirements at +971 2 666 3316.