Home Automation System

Home Automation System in East Africa

In the ever-evolving world, why should we remain stagnant? While the whole world is becoming digitized, why should our houses remain manual?

Technology is a boon for us, from smart devices to guard houses to monitor the anomalies in the universe, it has provided solutions that are impossible to achieve manually. 

When we talk about the security and maintenance of a house, it may not always be the most efficient when performed by human beings. However, through digitized security systems, they become much more precise, efficient, and fool-proof.

The daily activities of a house are extensive. Starting from checking if the lights or fans are on for no reason, consuming electricity, and most importantly, the security from burglars and robbers.

So, how do we ensure error-free execution of every event? Do we keep buying electronic gadgets after gadgets and setting them up until all our problems disappear?

Well, no. Just like we mentioned earlier. Whenever human beings are irked by some problem, they create a solution. In this case, it is a home automation system.

A home automation system is an automatic enforcer for your home. It includes your appliances, activity, security, and electronics.

A home automation system has a lot of building units that make the entire system up. They are as follows:

  1. A control panel for controlling the operation and coordination of all the appliances.
  2. Sensors that sense every activity going on inside the house. They follow back with any suspicious movements and unauthorized attempts to gain access to the house.
  3. Actuators are the devices and appliances present inside the house to be operated by the controllers.

Some of the aspects of home automation systems include:

  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring - This part ensures that the house is never affected by carbon monoxide leakage from the appliances. CO leakage can be very detrimental to living beings and can even cause spot death if inhaled.
  • Remote lighting control - The lighting of the house can be increased or dimmed according to your requirements.
  • Thermostat control - You can also regulate the temperature of your house as per the climate.
  • Appliance control - All your appliances can be regulated, turned on, or off with just one command.
  • Home automation security systems and cameras - CCTV surveillance has become one of the most efficient forms of security in the present day and every home automation system comes with it.
  • Alarm systems - For any disruptive activity, the alarms will go off and alert you.
  • Real-time text and email alerts - Real-Time devices take note of everything happening at a given moment. Any problematic situation will lead to you receiving an instant update.
  • Digital personal assistant integration - A personal assistant is a key to all of this. You always have a personal assistant to help you with each step.
  • Keyless entry - Secured entrance via biometric algorithm and password-protected locks are the new generation trends. Locks and keys are no longer in use in modern-day technology.
  • Voice-activated control - You will commandeer all of these functions with just your voice, no manual work!

Home Automation System in East Africa | General International

Can you imagine asking a device to turn your lights off from any location in the house? You don't even have to move to the light switch or even press a button. All you need to do is speak, and your work is complete.

That is how technology has evolved the experience of being at home and making every house a smart house.

So, do you want to make your home a smart home too and don't know how to choose the perfect automation system from the vast range available all over the internet?

Well. We are here to help. General International Africa has a vast range of the best Home Automation Systems in East Africa. We understand your requirements and preferences and provide you with a system tailored to your needs. Contact us today to get the quotation on your products and leave the installation procedure to us. All you will need to do is sit back as your house becomes free from hassle.