Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment 

Water is a precious commodity, especially in the UAE. Since this resource takes time to replenish, we should keep our water usage and wastage to a minimum. Water once used does not become a total waste; it is reusable. 

Wastewater refers to the water that has been used once. It can be domestic wastewater, agricultural wastewater, industrial discharge, etc. Wastewater from all different channels goes through treatment as it contains chemicals and has varying properties. With wastewater treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the used potable water can be treated and supplied as fresh and clean water. In Gulf countries where the resource is scarce, treating wastewater becomes all the more essential. 

Although desalination and groundwater are the primary sources, wastewater treatment is rapidly growing and becoming an alternate solution to meet the household's water demand. Treating wastewater is considered more cost-effective than producing potable water. The treated water helps in irrigation in the UAE. 

Even after numerous benefits, the treated water supply is still at 5% in this region. However, with the advancement of equipment and technology more and more people are establishing wastewater treatment plants to treat the used water and make it safe for consumption. 

Using the treated water for daily use is a more sustainable option for future generations. This method allows us a way to move forward in the future. The process occurs using the latest equipment to collect and purify the wastewater and makes it fit for usage.

Wastewater treatment has three major categories. That includes primary, secondary, and tertiary. Every stage deals with different components and turns the wastewater into a solution for industries and households. At GIG, we offer the latest wastewater treatment components and allow organizations to treat wastewater into usable solutions. The water treatment process followed by plants is as follows: 

Once the domestic wastewater from drains accumulates, it moves to the sewage treatment plant. Before the primary water treatment process, plants often treat the water of the collected wastewater. This odor is eliminated first, and then the water moves on to the next step of treatment. The three stages of wastewater treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include 


In the first step of the treatment, physical impurities leave the wastewater. Both settled and suspended materials separate from the wastewater. This essential step ensures the physical impurities do not block the treatment equipment, and the process moves forward flawlessly. 


After the physical impurities no longer exist, wastewater moves to the next stage. In this step, the biological matter is removed. Under this step, microorganisms help neutralize the biotic component present in the water. The micro-organisms are then removed. These organisms speed up the decomposition of biotic matter and free the water of any biological components and clean the water. After the organic molecules decompose, the residue remains, and the next step of the wastewater treatment process initiates 


The primary goal of this stage is to ensure the water goes back without damaging the ecosystem. This stage deals with all the impurities that are left in the water. The final colloidal components are removed during this stage. Once the impurities are eliminated, water goes through the disinfection process. This process removes the finer bacteria from the water and makes it fit for daily usage. This step is the final step of the wastewater treatment, followed by the sludge treatment. All the residue and sludge produced in the second stage concerns this step. Sludge treatment includes the process of thickening, digesting, and dewatering. After treatment, this sludge is spread onto the agricultural land to act as a fertilizer. 

At GIG, we have years of experience in providing components for wastewater treatment. Our equipment and solutions are considered the best in the industry and trusted by a range of clients. Our team can perform proper installation and ensure all the systems of the plant are working accurately. We can assist you with designing, constructing, and operating the wastewater treatment plant. 

We supply a range of technologies to our clients and our systems for municipal, commercial and industrial purposes. Here, you will find a complete solution of wastewater treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that is updated, cost-effective, and reliable. We also have years of experience in directing the stages of treatment. The experience allows us to give you insights into the process and ensure efficient implementation. Browse through our range of solutions and equipment, or contact our experts to discuss your specific industry requirements by contacting us at info@generalintlgroup.com.