Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Chemicals in East Africa

Water treatment is a procedure through which natural water is segregated from any unwanted particle that can be fatal before reaching the households for consumption.

Why Do We Need Water Treatment?

The world and its residents have evolved over the years. Previously, water sources like rivers, streams, lakes, etc. existed in a pristine state. It was free from any toxins. However, the times have changed and so have the conditions of our natural resources.

Humans have become reckless about the environment, leading to pollution of water bodies. Factories and industries dispose of their waste materials into the rivers. People dispose of plastics leading to the death of aquatic animals. To free the water from any toxins, we use a process known as "water treatment."

Water treatment is a set of purification procedures that the water from natural sources goes through before being to homes and business places as usable water. To successfully conduct the water purification procedure, you would require some purification chemicals. Now, choosing the right water treatment chemicals can be a tedious task.

General International is a renowned brand dedicated to supplying the best quality water treatment chemicals in East Africa, for the smooth processing of water so that you can have access to high-quality, clean water anytime. We offer a wide range of specially formulated water treatment products in East Africa, especially chemicals and other additives that can get the toxins out and kill harmful microorganisms. Our water treatment chemicals are internationally approved and guaranteed to be safe for the environment as well.

General International is a prominent brand in various parts of Africa, including Kenya for its high-quality and genuine products, easy maintenance and servicing procedure, and top-notch customer service.

We are the most trusted manufacturers and distributors of water treatment chemicals in East Africa. We aim to provide you with chemicals and additive products that are environmentally friendly and play a massive role in improving productivity, optimizing the performance of water treatment plants, and cutting down the costs spent on machines by increasing their life cycle.

Why Choose Us?

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Our products are hundred percent approved by the government and we don't compromise when it comes to the quality of the chemicals.

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