Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Water supplied to households goes through a range of treatments before it is deemed safe for consumption. A water treatment plant is an indispensable component for the purification and disinfection of the water. Since water contains many impurities ranging from sand, ions, and coarse particles, it is not fit for consumption without purification. 

Governments all over the world have established a code that regulates the quality of water. Thus, purification and disinfection processes are mandatory before supplying water to households. Getting rid of impurities from water is called treatment, and this process takes place in a water treatment plant. 

This plant consists of several components and modules capable of taking out the undesired components from water and making it safe for consumption. In addition to eliminating contaminants, this plan also reduces its concentration to make it fit for end-use. The water treatment is an essential component to keep the people away from hazard's way and makes the water fit for drinking and irrigation purposes. The process of purification and disinfection is critical. It should follow the course using the best modules and chemicals. At GIG, we offer the best water treatment plant and solutions for a range of industrial and chemical purposes. You will find complete end-to-end solutions with us, allowing you the freedom of water management. 

An array of chemicals and modules serve varying purposes, and we supply the ideal solutions for your specific needs. From simple ultrafiltration units to more advanced Reverse Osmosis solutions, we can offer everything you need for optimum water management. 

With our latest equipment and modules, you will have everything you need to maximize productivity and supply clean water. Additionally, along with the water treatment plant equipment, we offer a range of maintenance and service packages for your best practices. Some of the solutions we offer are: 

Chemical Dosing 

We offer a range of chemicals that you need to achieve the required conditioning. Since the right chemicals can affect the mechanics of the whole system, you should focus on the accuracy and quality of such components. Under our expertise, you will get the most accurate and high-quality solutions. That will make the treatment effective via solid settling, charge neutralization, etc. 


With us, you will get the best quality clarifiers for your water treatment plant. Our clarifiers will allow you to separate solid particles from the liquid efficiently. 

Clarifiers are used as tanks to separate liquid. Our solutions will make the process more efficient, allowing you to save both time and money. 


Filtration is the most crucial aspect of water treatment, and it should occur with maximum precision. Our filters will allow you to remove the fine impurities from the liquid using a physical barrier. Since this is an essential component of the water treatment plant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we emphasize the quality and supply of the solutions for our clients. Our filters can eliminate the finest of impurities and allow you to purify the liquid in one go. 


Primarily used to reduce the hardness of water, our softeners will allow you to exchange the hardness-forming ion with sodium ions in the resing group. It enables you to manage the hardness of water and make it soft enough for consumption. 


It is one of our most advanced and proven technologies. This technology allows you to take out some minerals from water using the same method of ion exchange. We offer the best demineralization solutions for your water treatment plant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and

Membrane Filtration 

Our latest water treatment plant solutions allow you to perform a range of filtration functions like Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, etc. This technology segregates dissolved salts from the water and makes it fit for consumption. Our technology includes pumping water against the surface of the membrane, which results in the separation of the dissolved constituents. This process assists you with faster separation of the dissolved salts. 

At GIG, we are here to listen and help you with all your requirements related to the water treatment plant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our latest technology will improve the process of water treatment and will allow you to supply safe drinking water to households. Our solutions can do everything from removing impurities to reducing the hardness of the water. We have supplied our solutions to a range of industries. You can browse our water treatment plant solutions or get in touch with our expert team to discuss your specific requirements with them. Contact us at +971 2 666 3316.