Fire Hose Reel


Fire Hose Reel

The fire hydrant and fire hose reel are the most critical fire defense techniques. This equipment is used as a first attack whenever a fire starts to get out of control. Calculated usage of this equipment can minimize damage and save lives. The modern fire fighting equipment consists of fire alarms, sprinklers, and other integral equipment. All of these are essential to prevent the fire from starting and alerting the inhabitants. However, equipment such as fire hydrants and fire hose reels are the first line of defense. Fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and hose reels are essential to fight the fire and contain it long enough for the professionals to arrive. Although fire extinguishers control a small fire, a fire hose reel is integral while dealing with a large-scale fire.

Thus, it is crucial to get your fire fighting system from a reliable manufacturer or supplier. At GIG, we offer the best quality fire protection and fighting system to our clients. Our fire fighting system includes all the essential equipment including, fire extinguishers, fire hose reel, fire hydrant, etc.

Our fire hose reels provide an unlimited water supply to extinguish fires and offer protection from the heat. Our fire hose reel has power 10x times greater than a fire extinguisher. All our fire hose reels have a stream range that allows the users to stay 4 meters away from the actual fire. It is better than the 2 meters stream offered by fire extinguishers. All our fire hose reels follow the government standard. Thus, the occupant can reach the fire in any part of the building and extinguish it effectively. All the components of a fire hose reel use high-quality material. The nozzle, hose, and other elements are equipped to withstand high pressure and can effectively extinguish a fire.

Why Choose GIG For A High-Pressure Fire Hose Reel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We are one of the leading suppliers of fire hose reels in the market. Our fire prevention and fighting equipment are trusted by many. We have set a benchmark through the latest technology and quality equipment. We follow a strict procedure and production process, and all our equipment is checked by our quality and assurance team before they reach the market. We consistently upgrade our equipment and integrate the latest design and technology to increase efficiency. Since our products work in emergencies, we understand the importance of quality, and our equipment sports only high-quality material that can work effectively without failing. All of our equipment including the fire hose reel can withstand extreme temperatures.

The fire hose reel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi meets the international standard that will allow you to aim the water flow optimally and cover required lengths as well. The durable materials make it possible to withstand the fire hazard. Since our hoses have the latest technology, they are easy to maintain. Thus, you will not have to spend hours in maintenance, and you can save the cost of hiring a maintenance crew to manage your hoses. All the mechanics are easy to clean and replace. In the future, you can contact the provider, and they will replace the damaged parts in no time. Our systems allow the users to clean the system and hose themselves without any additional help.

We at GIG are not only known for our quality products, but we also offer the best aftersale services to our clients. Thus, everything from installation to testing is done by our qualified staff. We house the best experts who will assist you in choosing the right fire hose reel for your needs and ensure proper installation. Once the system is installed, we conduct several checks to ensure the system is working optimally. Additionally, if you face any issue with the products, our experts will be at your doorstep in no time.

You can minimize the risk of a fire hazard by installing our fire protection and fighting system. If you are looking for a quality fire hose reel in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or any other fire fighting equipment in the country, our professionals can help you make the right choice. Take a look at our collection of fire fighting systems, or get in touch with our experts to discuss your needs at +971 2 666 3316.