Gate Barrier System

Gate Barrier System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We are living in modern times where everything is automated or in the process of being automated. From home automation to automation in the workplace, these devices have made life simple and fuss-free. Our gate barrier system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the newest automation model to make your world smarter. Security has become a significant concern for people everywhere around the globe, and our gate barrier systems provide a way that will allow you to increase security without any additional hassle. This system will assist you ensure only the authorized personnel can get in.

At General International Group, we offer a wide range of gate barrier systems, ideal for both residential and commercial use. Thus, we can supply the most high-tech and advanced barrier system for your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Our gate barrier system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is in demand in various places like toll plazas, parking areas, railway crossings, residential complexes, shopping malls, offices, factories, etc. These systems are easy to operate and are made using the finest quality material. Our gate barrier system primarily includes a horizontal bar or pole to pivot or manage the traffic flow. This system has replaced the manually operated barrier and has revolutionized the parking industry.

Since these poles help to halt a vehicle, our automated solution offers better control to optimize traffic management. We have designed our gate barrier system using the latest technology, and operate in four ways:

  • Push-button control
  • RFID tags
  • Remote control
  • And loop detector.

An automated gate barrier system is more efficient than its manual counterpart. The automated solutions are considered much safer and offer better security to the place. You can use this system to direct authorization, and you will have complete control over who can get on the premises. Managing a parking area where several vehicles get in and out can be a daunting process.

Another significant benefit of our gate barrier system is the increased security. These systems will serve as the first line of defense and allow the security personnel to inspect vehicles directly at the entry or exit points. Checking vehicles at the entry point can disrupt the traffic flow and lead to congestion, but not with our automated systems. These systems are set up at the optimum areas, allowing the security crew to inspect every vehicle without creating congestion.

Since this solution is much quicker, the entry process is accelerated and allows people to move in without wasting time. Since most of the processes are automated, you save operational costs and ultimately increase the revenue from an efficient parking program.

All of our gate barrier systems come with a locking mechanism. The locking plunger enters the locking device seamlessly and fixes the barrier in one place. Once the barrier is locked, it cannot be moved manually, thereby ensuring increased safety and security. Our system is made with the highest quality material and is powered by the safest motor. Thus, it can withstand any weather and will work optimally without failing. We also integrate an LED indicator that makes it easier to detect movement, direction, and workings of the barrier.

At General International Group, we aim to make your life easier and more secure. Our automated system allows you to secure your vicinity without increasing your workload. This system is installed by our qualified technicians, and you can also book maintenance appointments to ensure a long lifespan. We have been offering a quality gate barrier system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for years and have received positive feedback from our clients. Browse our range of equipment or get in touch with our experts at +971 56 177 7276.