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Best Home Security Systems in East Africa

Modern technology and its craze have solved many problems in our lives. From designing unimaginable cars and airplanes to aid transportation to the innovation of phones, technology has done it all.

With the development of society and the discovery of new technology, new solutions emerge in the market every day. From expensive gadgets to pieces of jewellery, you will find everything for sale. And most of the time, where do they store it? Well, the obvious answer, isn't it?? In their houses.

So, what are the threats that these assets bring with them?

To begin with, breaking into the houses. Humans are putting themselves at regular risk of getting robbed, scammed, and at a threat of being physically harmed as well.

How to Protect Your Home?

Thus, technology has come up with an ingenious innovation of home security systems. Home security systems are a set of devices that work together to create a fool proof system that makes your home safe and burglary-proof.

Home security systems essentially comprise a few sub-parts. The different components that make up an entire system are:

  • Control Panel: This is a piece of equipment that keeps the entrance safe. The main entryway is often password-protected or biometrically protected, making it extremely difficult for outsiders to break into the house. These houses are much safer than the traditional lock and key systems.
  • Doors and Windows Sensors: The sensors attached indoors and windows detect any suspicious activity or unauthorized access. As much as the entrance is password-protected, the windows also need to be safe and secured. They buzz an alarm as soon as there is some activity and let the owners know. Therefore, these sensors are outstanding.  
  • Motion Sensors: Motion sensors act best when detecting suspicious behavior around a place. It can move anyone coming close to a sensory area and can therefore tell if they are authorized or not. In case of any unauthorized entry near those areas, the people in charge are immediately alerted, and a high-decibel buzzer goes off.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras are the best ways to know what is going inside a house and who is inside. In case of any problem, it is also possible to find out which people were involved in the incident from the security camera footage.
  • Alarm: A very high-decibel alarm is an integral part of an entire Home Security system. Whenever any activity is recorded or sensed, a loud alarm goes off and alerts people. The range of the alarm is so vast that it reaches far, so people can come to attend the emergency.
  • Stickers: The stickers are not just publicity for the home security system. They make sure that people trying to break into the house already know that your house is secured. This way, a lot of crime reduces from the fear of being caught and punished.

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