Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire Fighting Equipment in East Africa

Are you looking for a complete range of comprehensive solutions so that you are never at risk of any fire-related mishaps or accidents? Are you considering a fire protection system but have no clue which brand to trust with your safety?

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Let's take a peek at the array of fire protection systems and fire fighting equipment in East Africa that you'll find at our store!

  • Fire Extinguishers

One of the most useful as well as handy fire safety devices is the fire extinguisher. It is the equipment that you can rely on in case of a small fire, thus helping you save yourself from massive accidents or any significant damage. Every residential, commercial, or industrial space must be adequately equipped with a fire extinguisher to keep the facility under control.

Some of the most common types of fire extinguishers are:

  • Water
  • AFFF foam
  • CO2  
  • Dry Powder
  • Water Cables

Water cables are essential fire-fighting devices available in the market. These cables are both fire and water-resistant and used to transport water to certain areas, such as higher floors of a building. If the firefighters need to put off a huge fire. They come in various lengths and can be differentiated based on the material with which they're created.

  • Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are fire retardant material fabricated to certain dimensions, that are used to extinguish a localized fire. Fire blankets are placed over incipient fires to smother it and cut off the oxygen supply, thus choking the fire. Generally, they are situated in the kitchens in residential dwellings where they may be easily accessible to help put out a fire.

  • Fire Backpacks

Fire backpacks are firefighters' most essential aid. A fire backpack consists of fire blankets, water cables, hoses, extinguishers, fire, and everything that a firefighter would need to have when they are going to control an emergency fire accident situation.

  • Fire alarms

Fire alarms are a necessity in any building, be it a residential space or a commercial unit. Fire alarms are crucial to alert people in the building in case there is a fire emergency. Without a fire alarm, there would be a risk of damage to the lives of several people, and they probably wouldn't be aware of a spreading fire in the building. Fire alarms are connected to smoke detectors that detect the smoke from a raging fire and set off the alarms, thus alerting the people!

  • Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are protection devices installed into houses or commercial spaces to prevent the spread of a fire. In case there is a fire in the building, the smoke detector sets off the fire alarm, these fire sprinklers will sprinkle water into that area to put out the fire.