Gate Barrier System

Gate Barrier System in East Africa

Ever wondered how beneficial gate barriers can be? Barrier gates in East Africa have been used extensively in recent years, especially in parking lots, malls, toll booths, bus and metro stations, and many other places. Based on your needs, you can find a wide variety of gate barrier systems in East Africa, in different sizes and variations.

Why Do You Need Gate Barriers?

The device has been recognized for its superior security system features and controlled access facilities. For instance, in areas where you have to limit the entrance of people, you can use a barrier system to allow entry to only those who have passed the entrance criteria. Coupled with other devices such as CCTV cameras, intercoms, or biometric controls, the efficiency of barrier gates can be increased by many folds.

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Let's take a closer look at types of barrier gates and their utility!

  • Boom Barrier Gates

To streamline the flow of traffic and systematically regulate security. In that regard, boom barriers can work wonders, literally!

If you're tired of chaotic driving in your residential or business property, use boom barrier gates to streamline the process! Not only are they cheap and easy to install, but these gates are also user-friendly. You don't have to spend hours trying to decipher how to navigate a boom gate!

These are also reliable and can be used by anyone without much training. These are automated barrier gates and can be controlled by the touch of a button!

  • Flap Barrier Gates

A flap barrier is a kind of partial barrier system that allows limited and regulated access to individuals. Flap barriers are introduced in any regulated system where only a moderate amount of security is required.

However, to improve the security aspect by connecting it to other firms of control access devices. One of the biggest advantages of the flap barrier gate is the fact that it is easily accessible, even to disabled people.

Various types of flap barrier gates available at General International are:

  • Slow-paced flap barrier gates.
  • Fast-paced flap barrier gates.
  • Biometrically controlled flap barrier gates.
  • Card-controlled flap barrier gates.
  • Automated barrier gates.

What Makes General International the Best Supplier of Barrier Gates in East Africa?

We produce the best quality of Barrier Gates in East Africa that have brilliant performance rates and are efficient. Our engineers are highly trained professionals in the security sector. Their utmost dedication and passion to solve the problems of people have led to the creation of the best products in the market. One thing that gives us a competitive advantage over other companies in the industry is the fact that we provide complete customer satisfaction before our business. Our customer service team is available 24×7 to help you live your life in a hassle-free manner.