Water Saving Solutions

Water Saving Solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Water is a vital resource in our daily life, but this resource is also non-renewable. Thus, preservation is an essential step to ensure there is no scarcity of water. We are all responsible for keeping the environment safe, and managing resources is the first step toward that goal. That is why we at GIG take every precaution to reduce our carbon footprint and do our part in saving the world. We also give you a chance to contribute to this quest by switching to water saving solutions. We offer the latest technology that allows you to reduce and manage your water usage.

Our latest fixtures and fittings are budget-friendly and energy-efficient that allow you to reduce your water wastage and operational costs at the same time. Upgrading to these water saving solutions will ensure that you are concerned about the environment in your everyday routine. This small step will have a massive impact, and over time the resource will get a chance to be replenished. At GIG, we also offer an array of services that will reduce your water wastage. We offer services like leak detection, meter sizing, pump management, etc. These services will allow you to identify the water wastage and stop it by fixing the component.

You can find a range of products that will allow you to track and reduce your water consumption. Our water saving solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include water meters, fixtures, fittings, etc. These solutions will help to mitigate your organization's water consumption. Our team can help you during the whole process. They will identify the water wastage areas and fix them to ensure minimum wastage. Our qualified team can also help you switch to more energy-saving solutions that will reduce your water consumption considerably and assist you in bringing down your utility bills. At GIG, we offer comprehensive support to our clients, and you can transform your unit with just three steps.

Water Usage Audit

If you are serious about your social responsibility, you can start by booking an audit. Our water usage audit will allow us to check your water consumption and devise a water saving plan accordingly. We will review the water usage of each unit and also look for leaks.

Our expert team will create a complete report on the property's water consumption and energy efficiency. Once the data is collected, we discuss the results with our planning team, who will create a plan to optimize your water usage and reduce waste.

Switching To Water Saving Solutions

Once our team has created a water saving plan, it is now time to implement it. Our highly qualified engineers and trained technicians will visit the site and replace your old fixture with new water saving solutions. We will install all the necessary components to ensure you can track your water usage. Wherever possible, we will switch to non-water-based equipment, which will reduce the water consumption of your unit. We will replace the showers, faucets, toilets according to the report our inspecting team created. This switch will optimize your water consumption and allow you to save water without compromising your daily usage. Since we will be making small switches, the occupants will not even be able to notice them. Thus, they can perform your routine operations without any hindrance.

Follow Up

Once all the water saving solutions are in place, our team will test them and leave you to use them. However, our services do not end here. We also offer routine maintenance and servicing to ensure all components are functioning efficiently. Our team will visit your site periodically to ensure the equipment is not leaking or causing any issues. You can also track your water consumption and compare it to before to know how much water you are saving.

Our comprehensive switch can reduce your water consumption considerably and allow you to save water without compromising anything. However, if you are not ready to switch on this scale, you can always switch to small water saving solutions and play a part in preventing water from going scarce. Simple shifts to non-leaky faucets and energy-efficient showers can considerably reduce water consumption. We offer a range of products and services that are installed by our experienced technicians. Switching to water saving solutions is not only beneficial for the environment, but it can also reduce your utility bills, saving you tons of money in the long run. You can browse our range of water saving solutions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to find your ideal one, or contact our experts to know more about our comprehensive water saving services at +971 2 666 3316.