Home Automation Systems

Home Automation Systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The only purpose of technology is to make our lives and our home automation systems easier. So, no more worrying about switching off the lights and maintaining the security of your house. With our smart home gadgets, you can completely automate your home and control everything with a single tap.

Technology is present everywhere, so why not use it in our homes and reduce the effort? At GIG, we offer the latest home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These systems will make everything simple for you, from lighting to the doorbell; you can control everything with our automation system, making your home - a smart home.

We integrate the latest software into our products, making it compatible with your phones and other gadgets. Our system even allows you to control aspects of your house from the outside. The automation system can be as flexible as you want, allowing you to control everything from clocks and thermostats to microwaves. We use an interface network, and everything in your house becomes smarter with it.

Thus, you will have the power to turn them on, off, or even adjust them right from your mobile phone. We will digitize every aspect of your home, and you can make it user-friendly as per your requirements. Our home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered the most advanced pieces of equipment in the industry, which lets you control and monitor everything in your house from any corner of the world. With us, you can automate anything you like, and some of the most notable benefits of our home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are:

Control Your Lighting

With our automated lighting solutions, you can switch on and off your lights from anywhere you want. Your home lights will operate via an application allowing you to switch them off and save energy. Thus, no more worrying if you or your family have left the lights while away from home. You can use your phone to turn off all the lights in your home.

Control Your Door Remotely

With our smart doorbell, you can not only see who is at the door but open it as well. You won't have to go to the door to open it anymore. A simple tap on your phone will trigger the system and open the door for you. Our high-tech cameras will be placed right outside your door, allowing you to see who is ringing the doorbell. Our automated doorbell system will not only make your house smart but safer as well.

Constant Monitoring

Worried about kids but don't have time to wait for them to come home? With our automated surveillance system, you can monitor the activity inside and outside of your house. The surveillance equipment is one of the best features of our home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our products are integrated with microphones, meaning you can have a small conversation right from the camera. This system will allow you to look after the kids and check if they have gotten home safely.

Control Everything from Your Voice

Finding and tapping buttons for every piece of equipment seems like a massive task. With our home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can control everything through voice commands. You can switch the lights on or off, play music, open doors, etc. through this facility. You can add your family members' voices to the system, and our equipment will recognize them and follow the voice command.

Experience Cinema at Home

Our home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also come with a fantastic entertainment unit that offers an immersive viewing experience. The picture and sound quality of our products are impeccable. You can lose yourself in relaxation and enjoy movie nights with your family at home. Our entertainment system comes with a display unit and speakers to create a cinema-like experience right at your home.

Home automation systems are the future, and these systems allow you to control everything through one device. From security to ease of control, integrating the automation systems can enhance your living experience. At General International Group, we offer the best quality equipment to our clients. We provide quick installation, complete support, and timely maintenance. Constant updates and checks will ensure your system is up-to-date and working optimally. You can choose from our range of automation equipment and decide how you want to automate your home. Browse our collection of home automation systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and discuss your specific needs by getting in touch with our expert at info@generalintlgroup.com.

Why is CCTV camera installation in East Africa so crucial? 

Often people consider the importance of CCTV cameras for commercial and office buildings due to the involvement of privacy and security issues. But that is not the truth. CCTV cameras are crucial for residential and public places, regardless of any aspect. Below we have discussed some advantages you can enjoy with CCTV camera installation in East Africa.

  1. With the CCTV cameras installed, you will have a complete view of different parts of the property. Therefore, you will have the leverage to check what is happening in which area.
  2. Thanks to the CCTV surveillance system, you can prevent crimes like thefts, burglaries, etc. Even crimes like murders, molestation, and so on can be controlled through cameras.
  3. They ensure maximum safety on any property, especially from fires, smoke, etc.