Water Filtration & Purification Systems

Water Filtration & Purification Systems 

Everyone in the world has the right to clean and safe drinking water. Groundwater is not a viable option for consumption. It goes through several channels of purification and filtration before it reaches your household. 

At GIG, we offer a wide range of water filtration & purification systems for any water treatment plant. Our equipment is designed with the latest technology and allows better filtration and purification. With these systems, you can remove contaminants and biotic components from the water, making it safe to consume. Our range of equipment performs groundwater desalination and even wastewater. 

Different variables affect the taste, color, and smell of water. Thus, consider every aspect before you start treating water. By determining the quality of water first, you can identify which type of treatment will be suitable. That will allow you to use the correct water filtration & purification systems and chemicals to achieve desired properties. Purifying water is crucial to ensure the harmful components in the water do not affect your health. Since groundwater has different types with varied properties and hardness, it is not safe to consume without being purified and filtered. Thus, water goes through these channels to achieve the desired properties and become safe for daily usage and consumption. 

Several different methods help purify and filter water. Depending on the treatment process you choose, you will need reliable water filtration & purification systems to implement those methods. At GIG, we supply robust water treatment solutions that are suited for all types of treatment processes. With our systems, you can use the following methods to purify and filter your water. 

Reverse Osmosis 

Our systems contain the latest technology that allows you to use long-lasting and high-efficiency membranes throughout the whole process of treatment. All of our purification systems and pre-treatment systems come with RO. Our equipment can remove a wide range of impurities and reduce the burden and workload of other water filtration & purification systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Electrodeionization (EDI) 

EDI exists in a wide range of units. These systems offer better performance and help you reduce your operational cost with increased water demand. The systems are designed to have ion exchange beds that regenerate constantly as compared to the beds in batch mode. The concentrators are used to remove impurities. It ensures that resin is not exhausted due to build-up. These water filtration & purification systems can operate for years and require no repair or replacements due to their durability. 

Ion Exchange 

We use the highest purity IX resins in our systems. This technology is a primary requirement for polishing. Water is constantly moved in a loop and reiterates circulation to maintain quality. Our UV light pre oxide the organic impurities and enable their removal by IX. This system is considered the most effective method of removing the last traces of water contamination and making it safe for consumption. It is the most trusted water filtration & purification systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It ensures the highest purity level when treating water. 


The UV system is also considered a part of a polishing loop that includes ion exchange. Under this system, the water circulates to maintain the highest level of quality. UV light is used in the process to photo oxide the organic impurities and eliminate the biotic components from the water. UV light followed by ion exchange is also considered one of the most effective methods of purification. Since it is a maintenance-free system except for the annual lamp replacement, this system will assist you in minimizing your cost while achieving the highest level of water purification. 

In addition to all these processes, we supply a range of water filtration & purification systems in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that you can use during other processes such as Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, Membrane Degasification, etc. All of our equipment and systems have the latest technology. We offer the most durable, robust, and cost-effective solutions to our clients. With our latest system, you can minimize the cost of water purification and achieve the highest purity levels in a reduced time. Water contains a range of bacteria, and eliminating all of them can be a challenging task, that is why our systems will make it easier for you to identify and remove all biotic components from water. 

The chemicals present in water can affect the integrity of your water treatment plant. Thus, we supply our water filtration & purification systems with an added layer of protection. These systems will not be affected due to the chemicals present in water and will require less maintenance. Find your fit in the vast range of solutions, or contact us to discuss your requirements at info@generalintlgroup.com