Water Filtration and Purification System

Water Filtration and Purification System in East Africa

The last few decades have seen pollution and degradation of the Earth in its worst form. Humans have inflicted years of torture on the planet. One of the most affected aspects of human life has been water.

Although we have been taught as kids that one-third of the Earth contains water. As grown-ups, we have stumbled upon the fact that only 3 percent of the water is available for use. That automatically translates to the fact that water for our consumption is limited.

Many countries of the world, including Africa, have already entered the water crisis. Even now, humans relentlessly pollute the water bodies by disposing a plethora of chemicals into water bodies, throwing plastics into the rivers, disposing of detergents and other waste products, etc. It leads to degradation of water quality which makes it impossible for people to drink water without purification.

Water filtration and purification systems are prevalent in every household. Proper filtration removes all the toxins, suspended particles, and other impurities from the water, making it clean and safe for consumption. Gulping down contaminated water leads to several health diseases such as liver dysfunction, pancreatic problems, etc.

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A look into the process of purification and disinfection of water:

  • Coagulation/ Flocculation

It is the first step of water purification. In this process, liquid alum plays a crucial role. Alum displays the feature that absorbs all the dirt and suspended impurities from the water. These impurities stack upon each other forming coagulation, also known as flocs. The flocs get heavier with time and start settling down. From here, the water enters the sedimentation tanks.

  • Sedimentation

When the water enters the sediment tanks, it is allowed to rest for a while. Here, the flocs settle down because they're heavier. The lighter particle, the water, comes up. The heavier floc is pumped out of the system through pipes.

  • Filtration

The water then moves to the filtration tanks. Here, the rest of the impurities, as well as toxins, are filtered out through a series of chambers. The filters are made up of various materials such as sand, gravel, etc. These materials help in thorough filtration of the water, removing every speck of toxins or impurities. To promote a perfect cleaning state of the filters, they are regularly cleaned and maintained properly.

  • Disinfection

After the water goes through the filtration procedure and is swept clean of impurities, the next step involves disinfection of the water.

Disinfection ensures that the water is free from any disease-causing microorganisms, causing any health risk. For this process, as an example. chlorine is to be mixed.  with the water in controlled amounts, which causes the water to be disinfected and rendered free from microorganisms. The water is now in its purest form. However, the pH balance of the water can be slightly affected.

  • pH Correction

We can only consume water for which pH level is neutral, that is 7. Acidic or basic water can cause health issues. To balance out the pH level, Sodium Metabisulfite is added in controlled l amounts that neutralizes the acidity and makes the water safe to drink.