Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Every family enjoys the pool in summer. Lying in water or splashing with friends is a favorite summer activity. However, keeping the pool water clean is essential to keep the infections at bay. Thus, regular swimming pool maintenance is mandatory if you want to enjoy your sunny days in the water. 

Maintaining a pool involves a lot of work, and for best results, you should contact someone having both the expertise and the experience. At GIG, we have been assisting our clients' in swimming pool maintenance for years. Our experts are proficient in cleaning and maintaining pools. We can help you with regular maintenance and ensure that you and your family have fun in clean water. 

Poorly maintained pools affect the quality of the water. It can leave stains on the pool surface and even irritate the eyes of the swimmers. When too much dirt is collected, it can even affect the performance of the water filter. However, proper swimming pool maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will prevent all this and ensure that you do not have to pay a large sum for repairs and replacements. 

Regularly maintaining your pool will prevent swimmers from skin rash, burning eyes, and other such health hazards. Our maintenance services will not only keep your filter clean but also stop the buildup of germs in the water, which can lead to ear and eye infections. If you manage a public pool, the maintenance becomes all the more critical. An unmaintained pool can increase the chances of catching viruses to those in the pool.

At GIG, we offer complete swimming pool maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our experts have years of training and experience in providing these services. From deep cleaning to filter management, we have got it all covered. Our pool maintenance service includes: 

Acid Wash 

To remove the algae from the bottom of the pool, we offer acid washing. This method will ensure all the algae is no more, and the swimming pool is safe to swim in. Our experts use calculated methods when performing an acid wash. It only gets rid of the algae without losing the natural colors and texture of tiles. Our equipment can also catch the bugs, remove algae, and stop tile deterioration.

Pool Draining 

If your pool water has become dirty and repellent, we can clean it in no time. Our experts can drain the unclean water from the pool and replace it with clean and filtered water within a day. We perform the draining quickly and efficiently to ensure you don’t stay out of the pool for long. You can book our annual swimming pool maintenance package to drain your pool once a year and remain compliant with the swimming pool standards.

Pool Filtering 

The pool filters are integral to keeping the pool clean and safe. Our experts can take care of the filtering system and ensure they are functioning accurately. During the inspection, we check the pump for malfunctions, clean the filter basket thoroughly and verify that all systems are working accurately. It keeps your pool in the best shape and ensures you swim in clean water. 

Pump Repairing 

While inspecting, if we notice that your pool pump is not functioning accurately, our experts can repair it in no time. You can contact our experts if you notice any strange sounds from the pump. Our technicians will visit you in no time and repair the pump for a smooth swimming experience. We have ample experience in repairing pumps, and our technicians can detect and fix even minor issues. Try not to ignore the malfunctions, as it can lead to pump failure.

Water Leaking Repair 

If the water level of your pool constantly decreases, it can be due to leakage. Any crack in the pool shell or pipes can result in leakage. While performing swimming pool maintenance, our team will inspect these systems and fix the leaks. However, if you suspect a pool leakage, you can call our experts for a thorough inspection and quick fix. 

Swimming pool maintenance is essential for a hygienic swimming environment. Regular cleaning will not only keep the swimmers safe but allow you to increase the lifespan of pool equipment and systems. Inspection and servicing will prevent system failure and save you tons of money. At GIG, we offer complete swimming pool maintenance in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From filtration system maintenance to pool draining, we have got you covered. You can browse through our services or reach out to our experts to discuss your specific needs at info@generalintlgroup.com.