Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection System in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Safety is a huge concern for most people these days. One can never assume that they will be safe. Not only you, even your home can be at risk of being broken into. Most of us keep all our money and other valuables such as jewelry and other important documents at our homes. Burglars and thieves keep lurking around, looking for one opportunity to break in and rob you off all your valuables.

We certainly can't risk that, can we?

Similarly, your computers and laptops contain all your personal information or your work-related details which are absolutely unsafe to share with the world. However, with the recent rise of technology and easy internet access, there are several hackers around the globe who have been illegally intruding into your devices and stealing sensitive information to trade them for money. The dark web has also become a scary place on the internet and you can be at tremendous risk. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have an intrusion detection system that safeguards your device from any malicious activities!

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What Is an Intrusion Detection System?

If you're looking to buy an intrusion detection system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, let us cover the basics of the gadget and how it can benefit you. An Intrusion Detection System is a software application that helps you monitor your device and keep an eye on the activity of your device so that you can be immediately alarmed if any malicious activity takes place around your house. If the intrusion detection system suspects or records any breach of privacy or the risk of losing your documents to a computer virus, it collects the information of that particular activity and immediately reports it to a central security Centre and to a security management team who will be taking charge to control the situation from there. These systems can also be termed as Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).

Types of Intrusion Detection Systems available

When you're trying to choose an intrusion detection system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for your device, you need to know about the wide variety of IDS types that are available in the market. Ranging from just monitoring softwares to alert systems that follow an entire network, the intrusion detection systems can be classified as follows :

  • Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS)

In this type of IDS, network traffic gets analysed to check if there has been any intrusion.

  • Host Based Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS)

In this type of IDS, operating system files are monitored to check if there are any intrusions or any form of malicious activities.

Apart from that there is also another major subset of IDS classification.

  • Signature Based IDS

The function of signature based IDS is to look for a possible pattern when scanning through the websites. Signature based IDS monitors sequences in the network traffic and scans for any kind of malicious activities. The range of malicious activities can range from viruses to any form of destructive hacking.

  • Anomaly Based IDS

Anomaly Based IDS is a much newer procedure that has been designed in such a way so that your detection system can trace any pattern so as to prevent any form of unknown or unexpected attacks that has been caused due to explosion of malware. An advanced level of machine learning is required to build this form of IDS.