Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers

Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers 

Every residential and commercial building, no matter how safe, is prone to the hazard of fire. That is why the governing bodies impose rules, codes, and regulations to ensure minimum damage during emergencies. 

Installation of fire extinguishers is one such rule. However, your work does not end with installation. For maximum protection, you should also focus on the regular maintenance of fire extinguishers. Since this equipment is often considered the first counter for fire, you should always ensure they are in the best shape. A well-maintained fire extinguisher will be invaluable in the face of a threat. The inhabitants can use it to put out a small fire or keep it under control until help arrives. 

A fire extinguisher consists of several parts, and these parts can stop working due to idle use. However, not everyone can test and service fire extinguishers. Since it is a quick solution for fire, you should ensure that professionals are looking after it functioned. 

Here, at GIG, we not only offer the highest quality fire extinguishers, but we can also assist you with the maintenance of fire extinguishers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Getting your fire extinguishers serviced by an expert should be done unarguably in terms of safety. Since they have proper training and years of experience, they will test and maintain the system accurately. 

Our experts can provide regular check-ups and maintenance of fire extinguishers by ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment. You can book an inspection with us, and our team will visit your site according to your availability. They are highly trained and qualified at everything related to maintenance. If any of your fire extinguishers are not working, our experts will analyze the situation and do the needful. After all the fire extinguishers are mended, our team will conduct a final test to ensure the best performance. Regular maintenance of fire extinguishers will keep your systems updated, thus keeping you prepared for any situation. When you choose GIG services, you will get:

Monthly Inspections 

According to the codes and ethics, all fire extinguishers should go through monthly checks. At GIG, we will send a trained expert to test all of your fire extinguishers. These inspections will be thorough. We will check nozzles, pressure gauge, the weight of the extinguisher, safety pull pin, etc. In addition to a thorough inspection, we will also conduct a small service to ensure proper functioning. Our service includes cleaning of the fire extinguisher, installation of new tamper seal, and complete inspection of valve assembly (replacing the non-working parts if required). Our professionals will also conduct a small demo to ensure all occupants can operate the fire extinguisher during an emergency. 

Annual Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers 

In addition to monthly inspections, the fire extinguishers need proper maintenance every year. Thus, at GIG, we offer annual maintenance of fire extinguishers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All the monthly tests will have a record to do follow-up checks, and equipment also goes through checks.

  During our yearly maintenance, we will start by visually inspecting the fire extinguishers and pointing out the signs of physical damage. Our maintenance package also includes inspection of the unit for corrosion, verifying the nozzle, checking the operating instructions, reviewing the presence of HMIS, and fixing issues that we may discover. After the annual maintenance completes, we install a tamper seal to indicate the successful completion of the maintenance process.

5 Year Test 

With GIG, you not only get the benefit of monthly inspection and annual maintenance, but you also get a 5-year test. A five-year hydrostatic test is mandatory to check carbon dioxide and water extinguishers. During this test, we will check for general wear and tear of the unit, the position, and functioning of the nozzle, weight of the cylinder, etc. Additionally, we will also conduct a review test for the level of carbon dioxide and water in the cylinder. If the levels are not up to the mark, our team will recharge it and place a tamper seal to indicate that the unit is not in working condition. 

At GIG, we have been offering complete maintenance of fire extinguishers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for years. Our experts are highly trained and can fix any issue. Thus, when you choose us, you will have access to the most qualified team in the market. You can browse our wide range of fire fighting equipment and maintenance packs or get in touch with our experts to discuss your specific needs at +971 2 666 3316.

What are the top fire system maintenance tips for better performance and longevity? 

Fire systems are versatile and long-lasting. They are built to withstand wear and tear and combat situations like repeated use, third-party appliances, software applications integrations, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain them properly to ensure optimal performance, quick responses, and better safety. Some of the best ways of fire system maintenance in Dubai are:

  1. Maintaining the sprinklers: The water sprinklers should be appropriately connected to the water supply system. Check if the valves are working correctly or not. Also, the sprinkler system should have open pores without any clogs for maximum performance.
  2. Checking fire alarms: Fire alarms are one of the most crucial parts of a fire system. Therefore, check if the alarms are generating immediate responses or not. Also, check the sound produced and ensure it is loud enough to become audible.
  3. Maintaining fire extinguishers: You should also check if the fire extinguishers are in the proper condition or not. in chemical extinguishers, the glass chamber containing the acid should be intact and not broken. Also, check if the systems are within the expiry period or not.