Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Technology is constantly growing, and people are integrating the latest tech into their lives. From homes to workspaces, you can see automated systems and high-tech equipment all around. The frequent technology updates make life much easier and increase the productivity of a workspace. However, these new tools need a secure and broad network to perform their best. Structured cabling is an infrastructure made up of small and standardized elements. This network solution can support the advancing technology and tools. Handy for campus areas and offices, this system supports everything from personal computers to VoIP calling systems.

At GIG, we offer the most systemized structured cabling systems. Our systems can organize your infrastructure and support even the latest tools and technology. With us, you can future-proof your workspace or organization. The structured cabling systems update with ease to support the new data centers or other tools; you can use this infrastructure for years to come.

Our structured cabling in Dubai and Abu Dhabi come with essential components including, network cabinets, racks, hardware ports, etc. We assemble these standardized elements to create a seamless infrastructure that will support your operations and allow you to maximize your ROI.

Designing a structured cabling system is no easy feat. You will need the assistance of a trusted data cabling company. At General International Group, we house some of the most skilled experts who can design a system according to your specific needs. Our experts will work with you to design a customized structured cabling system or upgrade your existing system. We offer a range of components to choose for your convenience. You can select these components and design your subsystems. We also offer a wide variety of cables, and some of the most notable ones are:

Fiber Optic Cables

These are made of optical fibers and are somewhat like an electric cable. These wires carry signals and images. Our optic wires are made of plastic or silica and are coated with several layers of plastic within the wire. We offer a different optic fiber cable depending on both utility and function. You can use our wires for high-speed transfers or long-distance communication.

Twisted Pair Cable

These cables have been used for a long time and can be dated to when radio and telegram were prominent. You can choose from two types of twisted-pair cables

  • Shielded twisted pair cable
  • Unshielded twisted pair cable

The unshielded twisted pair cables work best for computer and telephone networks.

In addition to wires, other integral components are behind a structured cabling system. These components are crucial pieces of the data center and the cabling infrastructure. At GIG, we offer the best quality switches, patch panels, and trunks, thus ensuring that all the components in your system are of excellent quality. These components make our structured cabling system unique and ensure all your operations are running smoothly.

Point to point cabling was an effective solution in the past, but with changing times, the world has moved on. Our structured cabling system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will add more technology in your vicinity and allow you to streamline your operations without any added hassle. Investing in our cabling system means investing in a scalable infrastructure. Since the technology used in your organization will grow, you need a system that can support these changes without failing.

Our structured cabling systems can support anything from video, voice, applications, or any other tool that your team might use in the office. We offer a range of cables that can support a variety of functions, ensuring speed, reliability, and security - all at the same time. Since the world is moving online, your business also needs to stay online to grow.

Our optic fiber cables add speed to your operations and ensure you are not wasting hours on something that is a matter of minutes. We offer the highest quality components and cables. You can browse our range of products to find your ideal one, or you can reach out to our expert team and discuss your unique needs at sales@generalintlgroup.com.