Fire Sprinkler System

Fire Sprinkler System in East Africa

Fire sprinklers are fire safety solutions for residential, commercial, or industrial spaces. No matter what fire safety devices you install for monitoring or detecting the fire, it will amount to nothing if the fire security system cannot promptly act on dissipation or extinguishing the fire.

That is where a fire sprinkler comes in. Sprinklers are control devices that are triggered and activated when fire alarm goes off. They sprinkle out water in the exact area where the fire control panel locates the fire. That can be of massive help and keep the fire under complete control before the fire brigade reaches the scene. Fire sprinklers can prevent the spread of havoc and minimize any damage caused to lives or properties.

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Types of Fire Sprinkler Systems?

We have already talked about why you need to install a fire sprinkler system as a part of your fire safety maintenance circuit.

However, it is also essential to understand what type of sprinkler you should be choosing so that you get maximum efficiency out of the entire fire control circuit.

Fire sprinkler systems have been around since the 19th century. However, we have only started incorporating it into our fire alarm circuit recently. There are several types of fire sprinklers for you to choose from. Four main types include :

  • Wet pipe
  • Dry pipe
  • Deluge
  • Pre-action

Wet pipes: Wet pipe systems are the most common type of fire sprinkler system in the market. They're installed in residential spaces such as apartments, private villas, etc. In this form of sprinkler, cold water is stored under pressure and connected to a heat detector. When the heat detector detects an increase in temperature upto a predetermined heat level, they open up the nozzle of the sprinkler, this causing the cold water to burst out!

Dry pipes: Dry pipes operate in unoccupied buildings such as warehouses or storage places where the chances to risk a person's life are minimal. These pipes usually take a while to get sensitive to the heat or flame. In this arrangement, nitrogen gas or a high volume of air under pressure is stored in the pipes. These pipes are connected to the main water tank. On detecting an increase in temperature, the nitrogen or the air gets leaked out of the pipe. It makes room for the water to flow into the pipe and out through the nozzle heads.

Deluge Sprinkler System: In this scenario, the mouth of the nozzle remains open and ready. As soon as a predetermined flame level is detected, cold water bursts out through the nozzles, attempting to extinguish the fire. This type of sprinkler system exists in places where the chances of the fire spreading faster are a possibility.

Pre Action Sprinkler System: It is a combination of both wet and dry pipes fixed together and connected to the same fire alarm circuit. On detection of smoke, flame, or heat, both the dry and wet pipes start working together in unison and prevent the fire from spreading any further. This type of sprinkler system has the highest success rate when it comes to extinguishing the fire.