Fire Alarm Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel in East Africa

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The fire alarm control panel plays a crucial role in monitoring and extinguishing a fire before the firefighters come to the spot. To prevent any major damage, the fire control panel must be highly efficient when an emergency hits!

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The fire alarm control panel coordinates and communicates between all the devices attached to the fire alarm circuit. They efficiently coordinate the functions of the detector, initiator, alarms, and suppression systems.

 There are several components of a fire alarm system. Here is a brief look at them:

  • Interface: Interface allows the operator to feed instructions into the control panel to modify its working in a better way.
  • SLC loop: The SLC loop helps maintain proper communication between the input and output channels, thus ensuring the best performance.
  • Batteries: There should be the main battery and a backup battery so that the operation of the panel is not interrupted at any cost.
  • Relays: Relays help link various parts of a complete alarm system together so that every corner of an alarm system can work in synchronization, suppressing the fire as soon as possible.
  • Notification circuits: Notification circuits work to notify the occupants of the building about a possible fire accident. Notifications can come in the form of audio or visual alarms.

The fire alarms of modern times are distinguished based on how the fire alarm is connected to the panel. Keeping this insight, we can categorize alarm systems into three types:

  • Addressable FACPs: Addressable FACPs are diligent and highly reliable when it comes to pinpointing the exact location of the fire. These systems have high-quality in-built sensors and detectors that can narrow down the area of damage. Narrowing down increases the chances of successfully extinguishing the fire without causing much damage. Addressable FACPs are easy to install and connect with other parts of the fire alarm system. However, they might be a little expensive.
  • Wireless FACPs: Wireless FACPs allow transmission of power and networking of the components of the fire alarm system. This type of FACP can have minimal installation expenses. Being a wireless system, they communicate flawlessly. They are also easily upgradable and can be repaired without much hassle. However, one of the shortcomings of a battery-run FACP is that the batteries need to be upgraded constantly so that the control panel doesn't break down in the middle of an emergency.
  • Conventional FACPs: In a conventional FACP, the control panel is divided into various zones. Each zone is connected, and they function uniformly together to run the entire fire alarm system. The control panel of a conventional fire alarm is much smaller, and it is installed with ease inside the building without taking up much space.

What is a fire alarm control panel?

Commercial buildings have higher chances of fatalities due to flammable liquids, electric wires and connections, and so on. Even when several types of safety measures and protocols are put into place, they aren't quite efficient in protecting the property, assets, and people inside the commercial building. This is where the fire alarm control panel in East Africa comes into play.

It instantly activates a quick response to let others know about a potential fire that can cause harm and fatalities. As everyone gets notified about the same, they have enough time to get themselves to safety before the flames reach their locations. There are different types of fire control panels based on the response they give.

For example, some produce a loud blaring alarm while others automatically notify the fire control company. Modern-day smart fire control systems can activate the sprinkler system to extinguish low-level fires.