Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System in East Africa

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Fire Alarm Systems in East Africa

Every fire alarm system comes with parts and components that are combined to create a complete fire alarm system. Whether you're installing a fire alarm system at your home, in a commercial space, or at a residential facility, make sure you're adding every single component of a complete fire alarm system to ensure complete safety for yourself and your loved ones.

A fire alarm system comprises these components:

  • Fire Alarm Initiating Device

Fire alarm initiating devices are crucial in the setup. These devices help to activate the fire alarm when a flame or smoke is detected in the building.

Fire alarm devices can be of two types:

  1. Manual initiator: In this system, the initiator can be activated manually by tugging on a chain or pressing a button. The shortcomings of this method are that someone needs to identify a fire situation to activate the alarm.
  2. Automatic initiator: Automatic fire initiation devices have in-built detectors or sensors installed in them. On detection of flame, heat, or smoke, they immediately trigger the fire alarm. These devices don't need to be manually used by humans.
  • Fire Notification Devices

It is a significant part of fire alarms. The purpose of installing a fire alarm is to notify every person inside a building about a fire emergency. Some devices use bells or horns, while others use chimes or sirens as fire notification devices.

  • Fire Alarm Control Panel

The fire alarm control panel is like the main control board of the entire fire alarm system. The panel controls the whole system of initiation, monitoring, and evaluation of the system.

  • Water Sprinklers

Your fire safety system cannot be complete without a water sprinkler. Water sprinklers work wonders when it comes to mitigating a fire that's just starting to spread. If the water sprinkler is connected to the main fire alarm system, it will activate as soon as the alarm goes off. They sprinkle water and extinguish the fire, ensuring there is absolutely no time for the fire to spread.

How Does a Fire Alarm System Work?

For starters, alarm systems need to look after four components:

  • Detection
  • Alerting
  • Monitoring
  • Control

All the components that make up the fire alarm system work together to achieve this comprehensive goal. Initially, a smoke, heat, or flame detector helps to detect the fire. As soon as the detection is triggered, it activates the fire alarm, thus notifying everyone present in the building about the fire. Immediately after that, the device automatically monitors the spread of the fire and locates the origin. The control process begins with the help of controlling devices such as water sprinklers, hoses, etc. This elaborate process helps to save lives and prevent property damage when a fire breaks out.