Potable Water Purification

Potable Water Purification 

Drinking water only constitutes 2.7% of Earth's water resources. Thus, experts need to purify groundwater and desalinate it to meet the growing need of the world. 

The water treatment requires a range of potable water purification systems. These systems eliminate all the impurities and contaminants from water to make it safe for drinking. A wide range of processes occur in water treatment, and every step requires some specific equipment to ensure the highest level of purity. 

At GIG, we offer a range of solutions for the unparalleled process of water treatment. Our solutions can streamline the purification process and ensure maximum filtration. With our systems, you can ensure the treated water matches the code set up by the government and is safe for daily use and consumption. 

The potable water purification system can assist you with vast functions like oxidation, membrane filtration, purification, polishing, etc. In addition to filtration and purification, we offer a wide range of solutions for disinfection as well. Thus, our systems can also disinfect water and ensure it is free of contaminants and biotic components. 

At GIG, you get the best equipment for water treatment and chemicals as well. We also offer a wide range of chemicals for potable water purification. These chemicals extend the life of your system and ensure optimum functioning. With our chemicals, the chances of system failure are negligible, and you will have to spend less on maintaining the equipment. These chemicals are an integral part of the whole system, and we supply high-quality options that will ensure optimum efficiency. Some popular technology that are we offer for potable water purification include: 

Gravel Filters 

Water often contains sludge and other algae, which we eliminate using our gravel filters. Our filters remove algae from the water without affecting its integrity or purity. These filters are used as the first step of potable water purification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and ensure the water is filtered before it moves to further channels. Once the water is filtered using gravel, it is let out from the tank and collected on the floor for the next step. 

Activated Carbon 

Next, our activated carbon purifies water by physical absorption. The activated carbon dissolves in the water and absorbs all the contaminants from it.

Once the role of carbon completes, water moves to different cartridges where the traces of carbon are water. Activated carbon acts as a physical sponge by absorbing all the contaminants of water and purifying it. It is a crucial step of potable water purification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it often comes after the algae and sludge disappear from the water. Water then goes to a tank with activated carbon. The quantity of carbon depends on the pH level and quality of water. This process frees the water of all major contaminants and prepares it for the next step. 


This process transfers oxygen into water and removes the volatile gases and other substances via air stripping. You can use a wide range of technology for air stripping. This process makes sure it is safe to store and use in day-to-day life. It is also considered a mandatory step of potable water purification. 

Membrane Process 

The membrane process is one of the most effective processes of treating water. The process includes every method ranging from Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration, etc. These three are frequent in the membrane process for water treatment. Since membrane processes are an effective medium to eliminate contaminants, pathogens, and other substances from water are also a part of potable water purification. Several systems are required to follow out the membrane process. However, this process offers the most effective results and ensures the water is filtered with excellence and is safe for human consumption. 

Potable water purification is essential to turn the ground and salty water into drinking water. Hence, you should get your solutions from a trusted source. At GIG, we have been offering water treatment systems for years. Our solutions are durable, robust, and require less maintenance. We integrate the latest technology in all of our systems, making them safer and more efficient. Acquire our range of systems designed for potable water purification in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your specific needs. You can contact us at +971 2 666 3316