Potable Water Purifier

Potable Water Purifier in East Africa

Are you constantly worried about your hygiene and safety because of the water you drink? Do you feel uneasy about the drinking water? Do you feel that you need to have better protection?

Well, not anymore, as you can now get a potable water purifier. Potable water, commonly known as drinking water, is essential for survival.

One of the most important things you need to take care of in life is your hygiene and health. Recklessness can affect your health in the longer term while also affecting your traveling capacity.

Impure Water - A Threat to Human Life

Waterborne diseases in Africa are prominent. Some of those diseases are cholera, diarrhoea, hepatitis A, dysentery, typhoid, and polio.

Water purifiers are like a lifesaver. They ensure that the water we are drinking is not contaminated in any form.

How Do They Work?

Water purifiers operate on the principle of Reverse Osmosis.

It is a water purification method that uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate the ions and larger particles from drinking water.

Often, the water we drink is brimming with impurities that are invisible to the naked eye. We are unaware of the germs and dirt that enter the body every time we drink water.

Potable Water Purification Systems

The process of purification of potable water includes the collection of water from any water body, namely a river, lake, or pond. This water is not fit as drinking water. Transforming that water into a healthier and clean version of it completes the process. There are a few steps that go into the entire process of purification of potable drinking water. They are as follows:

  • Coagulation: In this step, a coagulant is added to the water to coerce the suspended materials to form a mixture with other impurities present in water to create a coagulated mixture. It is easier to separate the mixture than it is to separate the individual components from the water.
  • Flocculation: The process of flocculation starts by adding additives to create a flocculant. When all the dirt and coagulated particles in the water rise and clump together to form bigger chunks of impurities, it is known as flocculant. It is easier to remove from the water.
  • Disinfection: Disinfection ensures that the inlet to the membranes water is free from any microorganisms, causing blockage of membranes (biofouling). For this process, as an example.  Sodium hypochlorite is to be added . Chlorine is mixed with the water in controlled standard amounts, which causes the water to be disinfected and rendered free from microorganisms prior to the carbon filter where this additive is to be removed. The water is now disinfected and fit to be fed into the membranes.
  • Purification: After the execution of previous steps, the water undergoes the membrane purification process. In this process, chemicals are added to the water. These chemicals help membranes to remove the ions from the water and make it distilled. Then the water is disinfected to be made fit for drinking purposes and ready for bottling to their destinations.

Why a Potable Water Purifier?

For starters, the need for a potable water purifier is extensive. Water being one of the major requirements of human life, it is a priority to make sure that the water we drink is not harming our health and we are not putting ourselves and our loved ones in the way of danger.

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