What is an intrusion detection system and how does it work?

What is an intrusion detection system and how does it work?

Are you an individual that relies on the internet for work? Are you concerned about your data online? Are you scared that someone might hack your system? There is a solution to your problem, and that is an intrusion detection system.




Like the name suggests, an intrusion detection system prevents any form of intrusion in your system! An intrusion device is a program that scans your device to check if there have been any malicious activities over a specific period!


Here's how an intrusion detection system helps you with your problem. An intrusion-detection system scans the network traffic for potential danger and suspicious activities and alerts when something matches this profile. Its main aim is to stop the hacker before they do real damage to the network. Its primary function is anomaly detection and reporting. However, some IDSs can take action when malicious activity and abnormal traffic are detected, and it does so by blocking traffic from suspicious internet protocol.


You can opt for a software application to be run on your hardware or use a network security appliance. You can also opt for the cloud-based intrusion detection system to protect your data and systems uploaded in your cloud. There are a lot of different options like a Network intrusion detection system, a host intrusion detection,signature-based intrusion detection system,anomaly-based intrusion system, and Snort(lightweight NIDS).


Are you confused about which intrusion detection system to go for? 


There is an answer to that question as well. General International has been at the forefront of the intrusion detection system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With over 15 years of experience in the field of internet security solutions, they have provided their clients around the UAE with quality and efficient, networking and security solutions across both the government and private sectors. Here's how the intrusion detection of

general international protects your system from threats.


1 . It monitors the operation of routers, firewalls, manages servers and files that are essential by other security controls which are aimed at detecting, preventing, or recovering from cyberattacks.

2. It provides administrators with a way to tune, organize and understand relevant

operating system audit trails and other logs that are otherwise laborious to track.

3. It has a user-friendly interface and can be operated by anyone. Therefore, non-expert staff can assist with managing system security.

4. It has a vast attack signature database that records potential threats to the system. This information can be matched to assess threats.

5. It can recognize and report when the data files have been altered.

6. It has an alarm that will alert you once your security has been breached.

7. It blocks intruders and hackers from stealing your data by blocking their servers.


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