How to Use Fire Hose Reel to Extinguish Fire?

How to Use Fire Hose Reel to Extinguish Fire?

Fire hose reels are a part of fire fighting equipment. These reels are located at strategic places to provide a controllable supply of water in case of a fire. Since fire protection is essential, a fire hose reel can be invaluable in the face of a threat. Many countries make it mandatory to install fire fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hose reels to every commercial and industrial building. You can find a range of Fire hose reels and install them in your buildings to improve the fire safety of the building.

Every fire hose reel is used to extinguish the fire. However, you won't be able to put out the fire if you use your equipment wrong. Thus, it is crucial to understand the proper working and usage of fire hose reels to use them correctly. In this article, we will look at essential information about fire hose reels and the proper method to use them. Keep reading to know more about them.

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A Brief Introduction to Fire Hose Reels

Fire hose reels come with a standard length of 30 meters and have a 19mm diameter. These hoses are capable of delivering one-third of a liter of water every second. Primarily, you can find these hoses in two significant forms — manual and automatically operated. The manually operated ones work when you open a valve enabling the water to flow into the hose. Whereas automatic reels start work when you pull the hose from the reel for less than two turns, it will automatically start the water flow allowing you to extinguish a fire. Fire hose reels are a piece of essential equipment to be used during the fire threat. However, this does not mean they can be used in every situation. There are certain times when you cannot use reels to extinguish fires.

When Can You Use the Fire Hose Reel

The Fire hose reels are ideal for fighting fires in their early stages. These reels are most suitable for Class A fires, ones that are caused by normal combustibles such as plastic, wood, paper, rubber. Thus, you can use a fire hose reel when a fire is caused by the ignition of recycling bins, furniture, carpeting due to embers, or candles. It is essential to learn about the cause of fire before using a fire hose reel to extinguish it.

When Should You Not Use a Fire Hose Reel?

If you encounter the following cases, it is better not to use a fire hose reel.

  • Since the reels are designed to extinguish fires, they shouldn't be used for any other purposes such as washing or cleaning.

  • Never use a fire hose reel in case of a Class E — electrical fire. Water is a good conductor of electricity, and using a hose will only amplify the fire. Thus, you should not use reels to spray water over the fire or any other electrical outlet including switchboards, motors, electrical appliances, etc.

  • You should also not use fire hose reels in case of the following fires.

    • Class B Fire - Fires that involve combustible liquids such as petrol, solvents, and oil paint.

    • Class C Fire- Fires that involve any type of combustible gases including Natural gas, LPG, or acetylene.

    • Class D Fire - Fires involving any type of combustible metals such as magnesium or aluminum shavings.

    • Class F Fire - Fires that involve cooking oils or fats.

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How To Use a Fire Hose Reel?

Since fire hose reels are connected to the main water supply, this means they can provide an unlimited supply of water. A fire hose reel comes with a hose, control nozzle, a hose guide, and the main turn on and off valve. The nozzle at the end allows you to control the direction and flow of water, making it easy to contain small fires. Here are the steps that must be followed when using a fire hose reel:

  1. Start by turning on the stop valve by the wall where you have fixed the fire hose reel.

  2. Take out the length of the hose as per your requirement.

  3. Turn the water on using the nozzle at the end and direct the stream to the base of the fire. 


Quick Tips to Use The Fire Hose Reels

Now you know the correct method to use the fire hose reel. However, using it in the face of a threat can be confusing and overwhelming. The following tips will help you prepare for a couple of factors in advance and enable you to avoid massive damage.

  • Since there is a stopcock at the base of the hose reel, you should always make sure the water is turned on before attempting to put out a fire.

  • Always direct the flow of the water to the base of the fire. Avoid targeting the top of the flames, as it will make no significant difference in putting out the fire.

  • Hose reels are designed to manage fire at early stages. Thus, if the fire has become out of hand, it is best to call the fire department and not risk using a fire hose reel.

  • It is best if two people unroll the hose reel. One of them must be in charge of the nozzle while the other controls the length of the hose, this will allow it to get unrolled quickly.

Final Words

A fire hose reel is a critical piece of equipment against fire. Using it correctly will help you put out fires in their early stages and save the structure from sustaining significant damage. However, the quality of the equipment is just as essential as its proper use. General International offers the best Fire hose reel in East Africa. Their units are trusted by several clients, and they have acquired a reputation in the market. Browse their wide range of products through their website, or get in touch with their support team at +971 561777276.