How To Choose the Right Fire and Life Safety Systems?

How To Choose the Right Fire and Life Safety Systems?


It is important for any building or facility to have a proper fire and life safety system installed. A fire and life system ensures to notify the occupants of a building in the event of a fire. It ensures minimum casualties and losses in terms of both human and property. The real problem arises when you embark on the journey to find a suitable system for your needs. That is why you need to know how to choose the right fire and life safety system.


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  • Vendor Approach

This enables the smooth transition of new upgrades within the facility or building. Moreover, it is easier to work with people that already have an array of satisfied clients. There is a possible downside to this -In this approach, the services of a fire protection engineer are generally skipped out. In this system only the up-gradation of the fire safety system takes place. It is possible that this approach will meet the need but will not be suitable for upgrades in the system.

  • Code Consultant Approach

Code consultancy firms provide benefits to owners that have little to no knowledge about their own system. They usually provide high-quality designs. They provide these services via a network of offices situated in different areas. The agencies often have professional engineers, fire protection engineers, and other certified and licensed personnel. These firms offer a holistic view of an existing system. They are programmed or designed to be vendor-neutral and focus solely on the specified facility needs. Therefore, if you require a neutral approach to your fire and life safety system you should definitely go with this approach.


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  • Traditional Approach

You can also opt for the traditional approach of hiring an architect or construction management firm. This system has given satisfactory results for decades. It allows a complete step-by-step approach along with the process of reviewing each system and subsystem. This is a specification-driven approach and is led by a general contractor installation team. This approach sometimes fails to include the services of a fire protection engineer. Most of the firms do not or occasionally use the services of a fire protection engineer. In a lot of cases, architects adopt a hybrid method of relying on vendors or consultancies to achieve the desired results.

  • Consideration of cost and quality

To determine whether you have spent your money wisely you should consider the quality of the system. Surprisingly enough, this isn't followed by a lot of building managers or facility managers. It helps to determine the long-term success of the project. Theoretically speaking, the vendor approach is the least expensive method followed by the code consultancy and traditional approaches. However, each of these approaches offers its own unique service which could be of significant help to you. Therefore, opt for a design that suits the needs of your building.

Upgradation and installation of up-to-date fire and life safety systems should be of utmost importance. This will enable the people in your building to work securely and in a safe environment. Choose the designs wisely as this will determine the long-term success of your system.

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