Facility Management and Its Positive Impacts

Facility Management and Its Positive Impacts

What is facility management?

Facility management is the management of all areas related to the operation of buildings, such as maintenance, repair, and operations. Facility managers are responsible for creating and implementing long-term plans for their properties. Facility managers oversee day-to-day operations in buildings and facilities, including:

Operations: All aspects of building operations, including utilities, security, engineering, and maintenance.

Facilities: Buildings that are used by a facility or organization.

The term "facility manager" is often used interchangeably with "building manager”. However, it’s essential to note that there are many key differences between the two. A facility manager typically oversees multiple buildings within an organization, while a building manager manages only one facility at a time. For example, you have several different facilities within your company. Still, only one facility manager will report directly to you instead of multiple facility managers being in contact with you.


Benefits of well-planned facility management


Facility Management


Asset tracking and management

Facility management provides a way to monitor all the assets in a facility and keep track of their condition. This allows you to see what’s in top-notch condition, what needs attention, and how much it will cost for repairs. If a new piece of equipment breaks down, it can be replaced or repaired within a short amount of time. 


Space optimization

Space optimization, or utilizing existing space, is a major benefit of facility management. It's a simple concept: get rid of an item if you don't need it.

For example, if you have a spare room in your house that you never use, you can rent it out for extra income. Or if you have an empty office space in your building and would like to convert it into something else, you can rent out that office space as well.

You can also optimize your facility by using available space more efficiently. For example, if your storage area is full of all the items that were dropped off last week but not picked up yet (and are still sitting there), then this means that some of those items are not in demand — not just at your facility but also at other facilities throughout the city!

System of records

The system of record is an easy-to-use database that stores all the information related to the facility. It has all the information about the equipment and its usage and any maintenance records that need to be kept. The database can also keep track of who uses it and when they use it, which can be used for various purposes like auditing or tracking down problems in case of theft or loss.

Facility Management Companies in Dubai



Integration is the biggest benefit of a well-planned facility management program. Facilities managers can use their knowledge of building systems and maintenance and their experience with budgets and schedules to coordinate all aspects of the building, from big projects like remodeling or expansion to day-to-day operations like lighting adjustments.

The integration enables facilities managers to:

●    Monitor and maintain multiple projects simultaneously
●    Assess the impact of changes on other projects or departments
●    Make sure that tasks are completed promptly
●    Minimize overlap among teams


The bottom line 

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