CCTV Camera Surveillance System Installation Tips For An Optimum Coverage and Best Results

CCTV Camera Surveillance System Installation Tips For An Optimum Coverage and Best Results


There was a period when Dubai installed CCTV surveillance cameras on every structure to maintain the safety and confidentiality of information and people. As the technology progressed and grew more accessible, CCTV systems are now installed everywhere, from banks to retail checkout counters to houses. You can also spot them at petrol stations, motels, restaurants, traffic intersections, mini-storage facilities, and almost every other business or place.

In Dubai, CCTV security system cameras reflect the futuristic vision of Dubai. This objective is accomplished following the Security Industry Regulatory Agency's (SIRA) guidelines. It advocates merging technologies such as the internet, cloud computing, and even automation to extend their capabilities, enhance their usability, and boost their productivity. CCTV cameras, which were originally used primarily for security and surveillance, are now employed for marketing, traffic, behavioural research, and human resources, such as acquiring video proof in workers' compensation claims, among other inventive uses.

If you're contemplating employing modern surveillance camera technology to assist your business, whether for security or other reasons, here are some things to consider before choosing CCTV Surveillance Technology and a SIRA-approved CCTV company in Dubai.

CCTV Surveillance cameras should be strategically positioned for optimal area coverage. Place the CCTV surveillance cameras where they will be able to watch the area you want to scan, similar to the placement described in the preceding section. Installing cameras at the corners, for instance, might create blind spots and obstruct vision.


Think about Lighting Conditions


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Ensure that the area under surveillance has enough illumination for the Indoor CCTV camera to capture identifying characteristics, such as facial features, particularly for the Lobby Area CCTV Indoor Camera and the Corridor Area CCTV Indoor Camera. Depending on the lighting conditions, you may install a CCTV camera with night vision and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) capabilities.


Provide Adequate Protection for Hidden Access Points

Common entry points for intruders include rear windows, back doors, and basement windows and doors. These areas must be seen by your CCTV cameras.


Utilise CCTV Cameras Specifically Designed for Surveillance Purposes

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras provide the greatest performance and accuracy, but contain several moving parts, a narrow viewing area despite their mobility, and work best with a security expert seated at a workstation reviewing video feeds and managing cameras. Instead, utilise fixed, wide-angle cameras strategically positioned to monitor a big region. 


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Why should you choose General International Group?

When looking to employ a CCTV business in Dubai, avoid the cheapest option. Opt for solid technical understanding and proficiency, and choose the ideal alternative. If you are contemplating installing a video surveillance system for your business, you should do preliminary research. Ask yourself why you feel cameras are necessary and offer an explanation. Create a list of the outcomes you want from the system. What exactly do you want to observe?

General International Group is a SIRA-approved CCTV surveillance provider in Dubai. We also provide CCTV camera installation and CCTV systems in East Africa.