Keep water clean

Water filtration and purification technology serves industrial, residential, commercial, and municipal customers.Our team delivers products  and solutions to facilitate pure, filtered water on demand for critical functions ranging from food service to aquaculture. Our capabilities include making safe drinking water more accessible, treating and purifying water for reuse, and desalination. We have partnered with trusted brands to offer a comprehensive line of compatible water filtration and purification products including pumps, filters, membranes, housings, valves, meters, and controls.

Our range is an American manufactory creates a seamless polyethylene shell that is wound continuously with fiberglass roving and sealed with epoxy resin. This process results in a corrosion-resistant, leak-free vessel.  These equipments are used to produce a tank that offers outstanding performance and durability. Composite Pressure Vessels are used for large commercial and industrial applications such as FILTRATION.

Filtration systems are classified into the followings:

  • Sand median Filter (rough filtration).
  • Glass median Filters (fine filtration).
  • Cartridge Filters (Fine filtration)
  • Multi Median Filter (Odour + Colour + Taste filtration).

Note that all types are available in both horizontal and vertical shapes depending on application. An addition, automatic and manual heads are adapted as well upon site requirement. While backwashing is the cleaning mechanism of such filters.

Our Solutions

•  Domestic Filter

•  Sand Filter

•  Multimedia Filter

•  Activated Filter

•  Water Softener