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The Facilities Maintenance Division came as a realization for the need to focus on complete maintenance works (Electrical, HVAC, Mechanical & Civil) given the growing number of Towers & Home owners in the Emirates, and the lack of professional organizations with a qualified team of engineers and technicians to handle complex repair issues.
Works in Ventilation, Air Condition and Cooling systems was launched in 1989 in GENINT. It is considered as one of the primary lines of activity that falls under our Electro-Mechanical Division. From there, spawned our engineering capabilities on the Plumbing systems followed afterwards by the development of
our Electrical team.
Our key strength stems from the fact that we can provide all the necessary MEP services along with servicing the key specialized services IN HOUSE. Thus, providing a holistic / turnkey approach for our customers.

Our Solutions

•  Mechanical system:-

•  Air compressor

•  Air dryer

•  Motoring air

•  Cranes

•  Teleplatform

•  Access control

•  All type of pumps

•  Lifts, elevators etc

•  Plumbing

•  Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

•  Other engineering systems

•  Control Panel

•  PA system

•  Closed-circuit television (CCTV)

•  Alarm Monitor

•  Security Automation