We deliver exceptional room-to-room sound reduction performance coupled with proven passive fire protection through the use of robust sustainable materials. Our Technical team can provide acoustic advice to ensure that the overall performance criteria for the project is met, at the same time making sure that the solutions are always compliant for fire safety.

We are distributors for SIDERISE with over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing acoustic and fire insulation solutions for building interiors. Delivering solutions that save lives, and provide acoustic comfort and privacy, thereby delivering a safer, more productive and sound environment for all.

Our Solutions

•  Acoustic Void Closures for Tops of Walls

•  Acoustic Void Barriers for Suspended Ceilings

•  Barriers & Firestops for Raised Access Floors

•  Cavity Barriers & Firestops for Suspended Ceilings

•  Flexible Acoustic Barriers for Suspended Ceilings

•  FIP High Performance Acoustic PanelBM/P Series

•  Acoustic Barrier MatBM0050

•  Acoustic Barrier MatBM1060

•  Acoustic Barrier Mat1STOP multipurpose

•  Ancillaries