Facades & Cladding

Passive systems come in the form of fire rated doors, barrier, ceilings and structural fire protection.  We use fire rated partitions and doors to prevent the fire and smoke from moving from one compartment to another. The overall aim of passive systems is to contain the fire by delaying the collapse of the building structure,delaying the growth of the fire for both the exterior and the interior integrity of the structure.

We provide passive fire protection systems from an industry leading and third-party certified vendor SIDERISE. Our extensive experience in architectural acoustics further compliments our range enabling us to offer complete solutions that encompass insulation, integrity in terms of fire and noise control.Our technical team not only holds strong expertise in providing acoustic and fire safety advice but also the practical ‘hands on’ knowledge with respect to installation.

Our Solutions

•  ‘Open State’ Cavity Barriers – External Envelope

•  Perimeter Barriers&  Firestops for Curtain Walling

•  Mullion & Transom Inserts for Curtain Walling

•  Acoustic Void Barriers – Facades

•  Acoustic Barrier Overlay – Facades

• Window Reveal Liner

•  Linear Gap Seal – Facades

•  NXS Firesafe Spandrel Insulation

•  Nexus Lamella Boards – Curtain Walling

•  Rockwool® Slabs

•  Ancillaries