Our Active systems are in the form of fire suppression, extinguishers, sprinkler, alarm and extract ventilation.The overall aim of active systems is to extinguish the fire by detecting the fire early and evacuating the building, alerting emergency services at an early stage of the fire, Controlling the movement of smoke and fire. and suppressing and/or starving the fire of oxygen and fuel.
We offer tailored Fire Protection and Preventative solutions for clients in our core markets – Public Sector, Hospitality, Commercial and Residential sectors. We bring a variety of engineering expertise and decades of experience to every project. Our project managers, project controllers, resident engineers and specialty inspectors have proven experience.


•  Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

•  Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

•  Stand Alone Detector

•  Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

•  Air Aspirating Detection

•  Linear Heat Detection