Desalinations Plant & Ro COMPONENTS

We can keep water clean

We have implemented numerous water treatment projects and can proudly look back on extensive experience in this field. In addition to various water treatment systems, we provide our customers with comprehensive service. You can get everything from one source at General International Group, right from installation, employee training or maintenance to complete operation of systems.
We deliver reverse osmosis systems that are usually designed and built according to the situation, such as available feed water or the product water required. This can usually produce good results. However, if the situation changes, such as due to the system being used at various locations, these can, at best, only be used to a limited extent. Our delivered solutions are  developed with most effective use cases i.e. systems that can be used flexibly and problem-free  under a wide range of conditions. Get in-touch with out team to know more.

Our Solutions

• Sea Water Membranes

• Brackish Water Membranes

• Pressure Vessel

• Cartridge Filters